Posted by: thescoundrel | September 14, 2007

OJ Simpson: I Didn’t Do It – Again!

OJ “The Juice” Simpson cannot seem to stay out of the limelight or the court systems since his 1995 criminal exoneration for his ex-wife’s Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman’s murder. After Simpson’s criminal trial he lost a civil trial that found him culpable in the death of Ron Goldman and Simpson was ordered to pay the Goldman family $33.5 million dollars, much of which is still left unpaid. The police were also called to his house in 2004 after his daughter called claiming physical abuse; she later recanted the story and claimed it was just a family fight. In 2005 Simpson (who lives in a house worth half a million dollars and earns an NFL pension of around $ 30,000 per month, both untouchable by the lost civil lawsuit) was found guilty of pirating Direct TV signal and was fined $25,000. Last year, 2006, he helped write a book they called “If I Did It” that was a “fictional” account of how his wife’s murder “probably” would have happened “if” he had committed it. He had built a shell company trying to skirt losing his portion of monetary rights of the book to the previous lost civil lawsuit. Murder victim Ron Goldman’s family has since won the financial rights to the book, renamed it, “If I Did It: Confessions of a Killer“, and have just released the book in publication. Today, 9/14/2007, Simpson was called in for an interview with Las Vegas police over his role in an alleged armed robbery in a local hotel where “OJ Simpson Sports Items” were removed from a sports memorabilia broker. The broker claims Simpson and five other men removed the items at gunpoint. It is also rumored that another individual overheard part of the alleged robbery over the phone as it happened and confirmed hearing someone telling another to put away the guns. Simpson does not deny taking the merchandise but claims he only took what belonged to him. Whether the merchandise belonged to him or not, with weapons involved, it could cause Simpson legal problems. Another question comes to mind and that is if it truly belongs to Simpson then was he hiding the merchandise from the courts by using the broker, only to wind up in this conflict over money and merchandise? It has been rumored that after his interview with the Las Vegas police he returned to his decade old diligent hunt for his ex-wife’s killer, on the golf courses of the USAmerica.

More OJ trivia.


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