Posted by: thescoundrel | September 16, 2007

“Self-Proclaimed Innocent” OJ Simpson Arrested in Vegas on Felony Charges

In a follow up to my previous OJ Simpson Post: “Often self-claimed misunderstood” and “always self-claimed innocent almost-bystander” (RIGHTTTT! 🙄 ), OJ Simpson, has been arrested in Las Vegas on felony charges of armed robbery and conspiracy charges to commit armed robbery following his recent removal at gunpoint of the former NFL stars sports memorabilia listed for sale by a broker of sports memorabilia. Simpson evidently took time away from his busy decade long schedule of searching for his ex-wife’s murderer on the golf courses around the country, to reclaim the merchandise (he claims is rightfully his) in a self-proclaimed sting operation 🙄 he implemented at a Las Vegas hotel. Police seem to think it is more a robbery than a sting. Saturday night there was a previous arrest of an alleged accomplice on double counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon and accompanying conspiracy charges. Ooops, a squealer!
The information that the robbery victim (and previous longtime business associate), Alfred Beardsley has went on record as sympathetic to Simpson and wishing to not press charges, makes the whole incident smell. Beardsley has previously had a longtime association with Simpson and the selling of Simpson memorabilia. It still leaves me wondering if this was Simpson and Beardsley attempting to sell merchandise under the nose of the court system to avoid any of the profit going towards the still unpaid multimillion-dollar civil suit Simpson lost to the Ron Goldman family, only to have something go sour between two scam-artists wannabes



  1. Fred Goldman (Ron Goldman’s father) said it best: “It was only a matter of time.”

  2. It is like someone was saying on one of the newscasts I listened to; it is like OJ thinks he is teflon and invincible. Plus he seems to need to be in front of the camera, even if it is in a negative manner. Maybe he just misses his old USC and NFL camera exposure too much.

  3. Hi, I had read about famous O. J Simpson trial, I was dismayed to learn in a democracy like US, he could manage to walk away from the murder charges with his battery of lawyers…

    There has been several Simpson-like cases in India…but I ma glad, despite snail like judiciary we do get exemplary judgment courtesy a lot of social activism. I am glad no O.J Simpson is outside bars (so far) to make other robbery attempts.

  4. The original OJ case was part bad prosecution, part good defense and part cultural clash. The US Judicial system is designed to favor defendants hoping that the system can reduce the chances of not guilty individuals getting wrongly convicted. It doesn’t always work either way. And in the process many criminal get off. Some of those people like OJ flaunt their ability to beat the system.

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