Posted by: thescoundrel | September 17, 2007

Article Claims Recent Israeli Bombing of Syria Was to Destroy Nuclear Weapon Cache

It has been over ten days since Israel dropped explosives on Syria. And both Israel and Syria seem to be holding back information over the details. Syria is claiming that the Israeli bombers were forced out of their airspace by Syrian forces but dropped munitions on a deserted region before exiting Syrian airspace. Israel is not saying much except they seem to be acting in a manner that suggests that their mission was successfully accomplished. I have read several hypotheses including that the Israelis were on an intelligence mission to that they were sending Syria and Iran threatening messages similar to the buzzing of Damascus sometime back. One explanation for the mission that seems to be getting a lot of Internet buzz, is that Israel bombed a Syrian weapons cache that contained North Korean nuclear weaponry headed for Hezbollah usage. A Times of London article goes fairly in depth on the reasoning and execution of the mission. If this were truly the case then it would help explain the less than you would expect knee-jerk, almost subdued, reaction from Syria over the intrusion. It also means that the stakes are increasing in the Middle East, as are the increasing chances of WW3 breaking out in the region sooner than later.



  1. The incident also seems to be causing a stall in the North Korean disarmament talks.


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