Posted by: thescoundrel | September 18, 2007

And You Thought You Were Having A Bad Day!

Most everyone seems to have those days when it seems that life is dealing to you from the bottom of the deck. Those are days where we just want to start pulling our hair by the roots while running down the streets screaming like a madman! Those days are frustrating, unbearable and are often caused by what seems like unsurmountable events of life. Well a 9/17/07 Reuters article reports that thirty-three year old Carlos Camejo and his wife, just had a really-really-really bad day in Caracas Venezuela. It started with a car wreck in which Mr. Camejo was pronounced dead and sent in for an autopsy. Fortunately for Mr. Camejo he was not dead! Unfortunately for Mr. Camejo, officials started an autopsy which they soon realized was probably not a good idea as the body started to bleed. OOPS!!! The procedure awakened Mr. Camejo – who now has a facial scar decoration from the examiners knife as a memory of his bad day. I am sure his grieving wife was elated over finding a live husband instead of a cold corpse when she arrived at the morgue to identify her husband’s body. Maybe they can get Hugo to spring for some good old plastic surgery for Mr. Camejo’s medical troubles. Hey – or maybe Mikey Moore 🙄 could film the Camejo incident as an add-on clip for his movie Sicko’s DVD release! The event sure makes many of my bad days seem a whole lot smaller.


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