Posted by: thescoundrel | September 19, 2007

John Kerry POTUS Blues

Well what can you say about John Kerry other than he always seems to put himself in positions to politically self-destruct. What kind of future higher political aspirations can he expect after the recent tasering of the Florida student by university police. This was his choir and he was singing his tunes for them. Now my guess from what I have read is that the student is a troublemaker and needed removal, but not a taser induced breakdance. I do not like Kerry, and I do think he screwed the pooch at this event, but my guess is he will also get wrongfully hosed over from many directions with this event gone bad. His mistake was not having good control of the event. Kerry is attempting to distance himself from the incident, but this is the type of stink that clings to a politician even if they are innocent of any wrong doing. This will probably finish off any real future POTUS prospects he had left, if any. On the more bizarre side, I made the mistake of reading about it while on a Johnny Cash kick, which brought about one of my “Weird Al Yankovic” moments. So here is my version of John Kerry self-destructing to the tune of Folsom Prison Blues :

I see that campaign train leaving me – its rolling past, on the tracks

It’s jammed full of scoundrels and they ain’t looking back

I’m lost in Political Purgatory, future POTUS chances are look-ing blue

And that Democrat train keeps a rolling – towards Penn-sylvania Av-e-nue

When I was just a freshman – my advisors told me son

Always be a good guy, never play in public with your gun

But we tasered a student in Florida, just ta-watch him squirm

And now that train whistle’s blowing, as my POTUS chances burn

I bet there’s Hollywood folk —- a dining in those cars

There probably snorting cocaine and drinking champagne at the bars

But I know I won’t get nuthin, not even V —–> P

And Move On keeps on trucking, with Barack – John and Hil-la-ry

Well if they were handing out second chances

I’d tell you what I’d do

I’d start kissing all those snotty babies and eating yucky food

I’d even make them let that student – preach his case and spew

For I fancy that train ride, to Penn-sylvania Av-e-nue


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