Posted by: thescoundrel | September 21, 2007

Television has Surpassed Theatre Box-Office Quality Options

A few years back I seem to remember listening to the actress Meg Tilly remark on a talk show about how she does not let her children watch television as she thought that the product was too poor of quality. She was not the first Hollywood personality or the last person, that I had heard that remark spew from their mouth (though it has not stopped her or any other Hollywood elitist from benefiting from the large paychecks offered for performing in the medium). As I was perusing the local movie guides this morning I thought to myself, as pervasive as much of the television programing is, it offers far more selectivity of programing fit for children than has longtime been available at the box office, which is where most of the Hollywood elitists prefer to make a very health paycheck. So I linked over to my favorite Internet site for movie information, IMDB, and scanned the top ten movies. The top-ten weekend box office summary looked similar in style of offerings in what has become normalcy for Hollywood production. I did not see one movie I would even consider taking a kid or a teenager to view. The top movie for the week, and also the second rehash of this summer of the original Bronson movie Death Wish, was The Brave One. It was preceded earlier by the other summer rehash, Death Sentence. The original and the two copycats are all about feelgood violence through vigilante justice. And the rest of the list was not any better. The list included movies about feelgood violence and irresponsible behavior glorification. It looks to me as if television has long passed the movie industry for offering positive selections especially of entertainment for children.

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