Posted by: thescoundrel | September 27, 2007

The most useless and repulsive show I have ever seen on TV

I cannot not remember the last time I watched a television program that was as completely comprised of trash as my recent viewing of Spike TV’s MANswer program. I came across the show during one of my sleep inducing program searches. The show was evidently supposed to be about questions men normally felt uncomfortable asking. Hmm, It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t inspiring and it wasn’t even entertaining in any way that I could see. Heck it couldn’t even induce sleep. From my time spent trying to understand the show I was informed on the best way to spot a narc, that the best way to avoid a company drug test is to invest in a phony male organ hooked up to an expelling pouch for storing someone else’s urine (that’s a good plan use one of your fellow druggies urine) that you wear around your waste, that it is best not drink around eighteen beers in a setting you will probably die from alcohol poisoning (okay that one is good information for some of the drunks I have known over the years, not that they would listen to the advice), if a woman is bitchy the best way to calm her down is to have unprotected sex as the semen carries an antidepressant hormone… The following link gives a much better explanation/review that I can – MANswer review. How this show got past the sensors I will never know. It was worse than being around a roomful of drunken young men trying to one up each other with their sexual comprehension, drinking abilities and drug exploits. No Thank You, I have been around those crazy groups more than once! It has to be the most useless and repulsive show I have ever watched.


  1. This show is so degrading to women and shows how stupid men are. Why does shows have to be something about sex. This show should be taken off the air. The people behind it has no family values or they are on drugs(maybe both). I would not watch this again or even have my family to see it. This will not be viewed in my home again. This show is just plain sick.

  2. Hey I am a guy and I totally agree, the show has no social or entertainment value. It is a disgusting piece of trash.

  3. Women have show for them self that make men look bad but no one is crying about it. Just dont watch it

  4. Jake’s totally right.

    There’s a show for every single category of show out there, and this is just for a select few, a targeted audiance who enjoy sarcastic jokes they DON’T take seriously.

    Instead of glorying it by making it a big deal and blogging it, just change the channel and find something half important to complain about.

  5. It is a repulsive show! It has absolutely no artistic value. It is not even entertaining at shock levels.

  6. artistic value? exactly what kind of artistic value do shows like sex in the city have? what about all the nonsense that’s on lifetime? most of the shows that are made for females are nothin more than another way for men to be called pigs, dogs, and whatever other animal the ignorant like to think up. Men have a show that answers questions that people want to know and it’s supposed to be such a horrible thing? Maybe it’s not the show that’s lackin but your own mind. The gay dude above says it has no social entertainment value but he doesn’t complain about almost everything else on tv. what’s so wrong about a show that tells dudes info about the opposite sex? it’s defiantly entertains the people who watch it and a greater understanding to how things and people work pretty much takes care of the social side. Now sandy shows her slow side by talkin about the show is degrading to women…how so? Why is it anything men do is supposed to be degrading to women but anything females do is never said to be degrading to men? She says this ONE show shows how stupid men are but come on….if someone generalizes an entire gender based on one show isn’t it more likely they’re closer to the stupid side than anyone who created this show or those who enjoy it? How dumb would a person have to be to watch a show on CABLE and say the people who made it don’t have family values? What would create an ignorant assumption like that? What kind of family values does someone have when they generalize a gender then decide to say someone is on drugs for no reason other than creating a show that’s for the benefit of the average person? Did your mother really teach you to look down your nose at people who are into things you’re not? Maybe you should reevaluate your values.

    “I would not watch this again or even have my family to see it.”

    Hell it wasn’t made for you..common sense would tell you that so why were you watching in the 1st place? You take the level or horrible human being and bad mother to a new level.

  7. Spike tv is useless, and MANswers along with a thousand ways to die are the worst i’ve seen yet

    i honestly couldn’t believe it when i seen a commercial for a thousand ways to lie

    if any woman thinks men like this they are very wrong

    oh, Jake and James are fools, how could anyone defend manswers,

  8. I have seen the advertisements for “a thousand ways to die” I have passed on the watching it. But it must have an audience for them to keep broadcasting it. Am I surprised? Not really. One of a popular series of videos is/was “Faces of Death”. I never understood that. I have watched people die in real life. It is not something I want to see on video for kicks.

  9. HEY! I LIKE 1000 ways to die! the only thing I would complian about is the re-runs): Anyhoo…AS for MANswers!! THAT show is f*cking disgusting! I mean at first when I heard about it, I thought it was gunna be an interesting fasinating thing. JEE was I wrong I didnt think men were THAT stupid….EVEN thought it was a man show, I thought they would still come up with intersting stuff..IT’S ALL ABOUT SEX SEX SEX..argh…! and lots of big boobed women..this AINT exactually an iintelligent show. OH another degrating stupid ass show I refuse to even look at is ‘Keys to the VIP’ to the comedy network. Geesh!! this shit SERIOUSLY offends me!! I mean cmon no educational/interesting or informative info WHAT so ever.. a VERY useless piece of crap!!. Just a very male shovinest attitude.

  10. BTW. Hey the women shos are HELL of alot better then men shows!! HELL science even shows we are smarter and use more of our brain then men!. CRIPES I THINK it shows in the kinda shows we watch, to how we think…etc. that we deffinatly are smarter. BTW manswers is degrating becuase it diplicts big boobed blondes with fake tans in bikini’s. I dont think I need to say more!! lol I ONLY in america…lol this show oviously isnt canadain…WE have better taste!..and we KNOW bigger ISNT nesssarly better…WHICH is basically what THAT show was promoting when they were talking about breast size. How negitive..YEAH THAT makes alot of woman self concous…infact that not even true. Most men do not like big breast and think they are disgusting. Most have admited they like tiny ones

    Sorry for getting offtopic


  11. Shows on sex are ok. It has to do if they are in a tastfull and respectfull manner…lol THESE shows arent… I dont know. I have found just some things on sex are kinda ‘untastefull’ argh.. just another reason to view women as objects more than anything..:$ and WE are not like that!

  12. Spikes programing is geared for young males and their raging hormones. I guess at 29+ I have reached that awkward age where their frat style programing does not appeal to me. At times they have some really great older action movies. And I really like their “Deadliest Warrior” show, but the rest I never watch.

    [Most men do not like big breast and think they are disgusting. Most have admited they like tiny ones.]

    Well being male – my perspective when observing my fellow males for all these years, is that if the body in question is a genuine female and still breathing ( I have known guys where breathing and genuine female is an optional consideration, to many a plastic blow-up doll offers them the same reward assuming the third option is a go) and the male thinks he has a chance to score – he don’t really care whether the woman in question is built like Kate Moss or Chesty Love. On the other hand if he is out with a group of comrades cruising the clubs – they will all generally gravitate towards the stripper with the largest breasts.

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