Posted by: thescoundrel | September 28, 2007

The Absurdity of Politics and the Media Coverage

I have expressed numerous times in personal moments with others and on the net my personal disgust with both politicians and the media. Now I will be the first to scream that this election has started way too early and has debated itself into obscurity. But Thursday’s Republican debate with the minority forum was a good example for my disgust. To start with, the four major Republican contenders, McCain – Romney – Giuliani and Thompson, found excuse-me reasons to exclude themselves from the debate. And their nonattendance is similar to saying “We have no interest in listening to your concerns”. It was insulting to the voters and their own Party. Their actions were inexcusable. The four have been plainly and justly chastised by many in their own party and the media.

And of course the media has had trouble finding the “forest for the trees that are in the way” in looking at the debate. Before writing this post I decided to see what the media had to say about the event. Not much! I tried the local sites first, crapola! So I went to the Internet. There were untold stories across the Internet about all the predebate hype concerning the lack of attendance by the Big4. But as I scanned the Internet to read analysis of the debate most of the few available debate articles content centered not on what those candidates who attended had to say, but instead spent most of the time talking about the Big4 who did not attend. What a lost opportunity to allow the lesser-known candidates to display that they were deserving of coverage. No, the media sources instead preferred to talk about the no-shows rather than the candidates that showed up to apply for the job opening. Since the Big4 did not show the press seemed uninterested in what anyone else had to say. I think the overall debate coverage is best described by the last lines of a short say-nothing NY Post article that said; “You can watch what the candidates who were there had to say at the PBS Site” (Along with a link.) and also included a line that stated; “The Washington Post also covered the event.”(Along with another link.) My personal thoughts are: 🙄 Wow, that was some great reporting and interest showed toward the debate and the candidates that had proved their worthiness by attending while trying to get their message to the public!!!!! NOT!!!!! 🙄

What a huge disservice to the USAmerican voters by the Big4 debate no-shows and the media who in essence, noncovered the debate!



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  2. You’ll get no argument from me that media coverage is lame. There is absolutely nothing that is useful to voters in the way the press covers POTUS candidates. It’s all mindless horserace stuff, who has the most moolah, gaffe of the day, etc. really lame@ss stuff. On the plus side, at least with the internet, you can usually find a link to either a transcript or video rendition of an event, so it is possible to cut out the lamestream media completely, which is a good thing IMO.

    As for the GOP top tier candidates bailing out of the PBS debate; in their defense, Sunday is the last day of the 3rd quarter and, let’s get real here, fundraising is a top priority, thanks to McCain-Feingold which requires more small donors rather than fewer large donors. But they rescheduled the YouTube “debate” for November, and they didn’t this one, so they will be judged on what and who they consider important. It doesn’t look good, that’s for sure.

    Unfortunately, candidates of both parties pull this crap—you won’t find any Democrats at a family values forum or Fairness In Taxation venue either—or the Fox News/CBC forum, for that matter.

    It’s just bad policy in this play-it-safe political culture. But as they say on the right—how can Democrats stand up against terrorists when they can’t stand up against Brit Hume?

    BTW, the left has their version of this trope too—-and both have a point, but I don’t see any change in the future.

    You had it right—-this weenie attitude by our politicians is a hugh disservice for American voters regardless of race, color or creed.

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