Posted by: thescoundrel | October 6, 2007

Gentlemen Pefer Blondes But – – – –

Orangutans? Evidently in the orangutan communities, blonde is the preferred choice of many males. But not just any blonde. Some of the male orangutans seem to have an interest for blonde human females even to the point of driving away the female orangutans (thank god for spell checker, I really have trouble spelling orangatan) that are looking to make a romantic hookup! Ouch, sounds like a lot of lonely nights for some of those romeos. In the case of Sibu, living in an Amsterdam primate park, he is even more selective preferring only those blonde human females also sporting tattoos. I personally cannot say much for his taste. Yes I know that tattoos are the rage among the young women. But I have seen very few tattoos designs that I would say enhance the package of men or women. So far that amount equals zero! Nor do I think this interspecies dating thing has much chance of success for Sibu and his orangutan buddies. Perhaps the trainers should consider hiring some hair stylists and tattoo artists to spice up the female orangutan’s personal life. Maybe some blonde highlights and a few Harley-Davidson tattoos over the butt crack? Not my cup of tea but whatever works to help out my fellow species to find a hookup.



  1. haha that’s a funny story! fyi, sibu is a place in sarawak, which is located in (or near, not sure) the borneo islands where orangutan originates from.

  2. Thanks for the info. I would avoid them orangutans if I were you. 😉

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