Posted by: thescoundrel | October 9, 2007

USAmerican Politics: Do as I say – not as I do!

What if you held a vote and no one came to the polls? I don’t know. But I bet that there will be many citizens whining and bitching in neighboring Davenport, Iowa about candidates that make the Primary cut. And then factor in the huge 14% voter turnout for what involved considerable pre-election publicity about several seats and contestants that were at stake! Around fourteen percent of the people in Davenport will determine the direction of progress and political candidates for the next city election. That should give 86% of the people plenty to bitch and moan about between and after elections. Despite the threat of violence and the risk of their lives almost 70% of Iraqi citizens turned out to vote when they were given the chance to really make a difference in selecting leadership. Yet we want to tell them how to govern and arrange their country and legislative body, even to the point of telling them they should split into three polarized sections! And we wonder why so many countries we try to help politically, have problems with our advice on government suggestions. If you want to be taken seriously about cleaning up a mess you have to work on your own back yard first before trying to tell your neighbor how to clean his! Something this country needs to think about.


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