Posted by: thescoundrel | October 11, 2007

Chicago Cubs Sale Talk Continues – Cuban Still Interested

Now that the 2007 season is over for the Chicago Cubs, the question of the teams impending sale has come up once again. The preseason value of the team was almost half a billion dollars. Add the rest of the package, Wrigley Field and Chicago Cubs Broadcasting branches and it is rumored to be worth at around a billion dollars. One possible monkey wrench being tossed in to the mix is that new owner of the Chicago Tribune (the current owner of the Cubs), Sam Zell, may attempt to sell the team and its franchise parts separate. I do not like that idea at all. In an AP article by Dave Carpenter, Mark Cuban’s desire to purchase the Cubs was also talked about again. Cuban is still excited and wants the opportunity to purchase the team. He was quoted as saying on a radio show as saying that if managed to get the team he would setup residence in the right-field bleachers with the fans. I like that idea, it would be interesting, as Carpenter quoted, a billionaire bleacher bum! It also displays fascination of the game and involvement with the fans! I think he would be quite a change from the distanced tightwad owners that the Cubs have had for most of their history. Still Cuban has a challenge ahead of him just to get his foot in the door for a chance to purchase the team. Unless the league owners have changed their leopard spots, they may not let Cuban get his foot in the select ownership club they have created. As I and many others across the Internet have written about in the past, Bud Selig and much of the baseball ownership fear the idea of Cuban managing to buy any baseball team. And all new owners must be approved by a vote of approval from the current haughty baseball moguls. The MLB (Major League Baseball) Ownership braintrusts are afraid he is too much of a maverick and might challenge their stodgy secret-society ways of operating MLB. Too bad because MLB could use a shot in the arm of new blood owners that are looking to make all the teams competitive and not just a gold-plated trophy that sets on the various owners’ fireplace mantels proving their importance.



  1. If Cuban bought the Cubs, it would take time away from his rigorous schedule of blogging, fighting with NBA officials, jumping up and down like a five year old, and blogging about fighting with NBA officials and jumping up and down like a five year old.

    Man’s gotta prioritize.

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