Posted by: thescoundrel | October 11, 2007

The Messiah Returns

Just when you thought it was safe to open your eyes, ears and senses, the nightmare returns. The man who in the late 1970’s would wanna be known as the worlds’ peace creating messiah only to have an exiting staff member leak information to NY Mayor Ed Koch that his boss was making plans to sell out the Jews and whom also reputedly snapped as his staff that if he was re-elected POTUS in that same year of 1980 that he would f*** the Jews and whom has since spent much of his highly USAmerican taxpayer paid retirement time verbally attacking Israel is coming to a Big Screen somewhere near you!!! (Try saying that sentence out loud without taking a breath!) Yes all the anti-Semitic Jew haters can dance and sing in the streets as Jimmy Carter’s tour for his inflammatory book – Palestine: Peace not Apartheid, an attempt to push himself back in to the political limelight and polish his tarnished would-be messianic image – comes to the big screen in the form of a two hour movie. Yawn! I guess he is still lusting in his heart, but now instead of lusting after Playboy Bunnies, he is lusting for lost fame and power. I found four years of Jimmy Carter in the Whitehouse enough misery for a lifetime. I think I will avoid paying cash to have to listen to the man for another two hours.



  1. Jimmy Carter is the absolute WORST president of my lifetime—-and my lifetime began during the Truman Administration! 😀

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