Posted by: thescoundrel | October 12, 2007

More 2008 Presidential Election Musings

The 2008 Presidential election is plodding along on a seemingly unending road at a snails pace. It is clear whom the media sources are all pushing. On the Democrat side Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards are the media darlings that get most of the spotlight from the media. The Democrat nomination does look like it belongs to Hillary unless she develops a case of POTUS killing hoof-and-mouth diarrhea rhetoric that drives away the Democrat voters. On the Republican side of the race the media force-feeds Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney and they also like to take time to disparage the very slim chances of John McCain. Giuliani seems to have the competitive edge but like Hillary he is not yet a lock, as he is a liberal running in a conservative party base. Every other Democrat and Republican candidate is getting ignored and given thirty-second snub-slots when it comes to media attention. The only exceptions are Republicans Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee who, though the media is slighting them, are getting strong support from the Internet blogs. The whole media situation is a travesty. For the first time in the 29+ years I have been on this planet and the many years that I have voted during that time, there are several interesting and diverse choices to consider in both parties. There are still several possible scenarios that could occur to decide the final two candidates. But the media has picked their favorite sons/daughter and boxing up the other candidates in generic crates for disposal. What a shame and disservice they are doing the USAmerican citizens with their tunnelvision coverage. There are no perfect candidates for me because of my diverse stands on various issues. But I like underdogs and longshots, which is why I stay away from the gambling parlors, plus I also like what Mike Huckabee has had to say the most, out of all the candidates in both parties. He matches up well with most of my conservative beliefs and except one, does not seem to clash to hard against my liberal leaning concerns. In fact we seem close on my views about the death penalty, except that I would really prefer complete abolishment of it. And since his musical band has opened up for the Charley Daniels Band, he must be doing something right.



  1. So many choices for POTUS, and all of them inadequate. I’m not liking any of the top tier POTUS people either—from both parties.

    My econd tier choice would probably be Richardson v. Huckabee (if Richardson loses his ridiculous Iraq policy) but I still say the real hoot would be Kucinich vs. Paul!

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