Posted by: thescoundrel | October 13, 2007

CNBC – The Media – ‘Good-Ol-Boys’ – Ron Paul & Mike Huckabee

One of the big stories making the Internet rounds is the latest media source, CNBC, to pull another poll after the Ron Paul supporters stampeded the poll following the republican debate. I personally think that John Harwood’s response to the story is probably the best descriptive of the situation. The problem does not belong to the Ron Paul supporters, but to a lack of understanding by the media sources. The media sources are trying to direct, as usual, the 2008 election process as they are quizzically leering down from their office towers at the nonconformist sections of voters refusing to be lead by the rust tarnished media-reins-and-bits normally used to control the publics’ political movements. The Ron Paul movement has shed those media chosen reins and are using the Internet as their chosen method of getting their word out. I say good for them! The USAmerican political system has grown to attached to the old media sources and knows how to manipulate them to halter the competition and keep political upstarts in their place. The political parties and the Media have become like prostitutes and a johns, each feeding off the others weakness for profit. I am not a Ron Paul supporter but I say to the public- cheer the changes – for it helps to force the stagnant Democrat and Republican Party leaderships to come out of their intimidation games that holds back vibrant new blood and that currently holds this country in gridlock as the two parties play political red-rover and dodgeball. The Internet support was one of the reasons I finally decided that Mike Huckabee was the candidate that best fit my beliefs. For like the Paul and Barack Obama supporters, the Huckabee supporters are fervent. And like the Ron Paul supporters, the Huckabee supporters are refusing to bend their knees to the media moguls and political backroom buddy systems of offering up just a ‘good-ol-boy’ preselected meal menu. The Internet now allows the voters to see the whole menu to choose from! And that is the way it should be.

I also suggest that those of you, no matter whom you support for POTUS, who are also concerned with the medical issues facing our soldiers visit the following Huckabee link where he is seeking thoughts about making Veterans healthcare a mandatory concern istead of just an afterthought for the government.

Huckabee Veterans Healthcare Blog Post.



  1. Though I’m no fan of Ron Paul, I do admire how his followers have organized on the Internet. Surely that is how the campaigns of the future will be run.

  2. I am not a supporter of Paul either but yes, I admire how his group is working against the taut reins being held by the people in power and the whorish media that plays the game to get political cash.

  3. Our wonderful Congressman has sponsored and introduced a bill (HR2514) called Assured Funding for Veterans health Care Act, which would do what Huckabee suggests—making Veterans health care funding mandatory, rather than be subject to the whims of whatever “worthies” we have in Congress at the time.

    As you know, I’m no fan of Hare’s but this is the one thing he is doing right. I blogged about Hare and HR2514 here.

  4. […] came across this post – CNBC – The Media – ‘Good-Ol-Boys’ – Ron Paul & Mike Huckabee – and thought it was worth sharing. I hope you find it interesting too and take the time to read […]

  5. I agree with what you have to say. I have been thinking a lot about politics lately and doing a lot of research. I believe there is rapidly becoming more and more people who feel that our politicians (poli – many and tics-blood sucking creatures) have lost touch with reality. I would love to see over the next few elections that a changing of the guard take place. A bunch of first timers run and get elected on the platform that our current congress has screwed everything up and as first timers we could do no worse.

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