Posted by: thescoundrel | October 13, 2007

Fun Things to Do During Times When Ya Can’t Sleep!

When sleep is evading your clutches entertainment is needed. I was not interested in going out of the house. There was nothing on the boob tube that interested me. Friday night means open line night on Coast-to-Coast Am Radio, not my cup of tea. And there was no one here except the dogs and I, so digging out that salmon colored leisure suit and discoing the night away with KUUL FM radio or my record collection was not really an option either. Tonight’s distractions were (beside bloghopping), Internet quizzes. So I am passing on the links for those who are looking for distractions. Thank You MSN Encarta for tonight’s entertainment.

Ah yes, as the reigning king of misspellings and grammatical errors I couldn’t pass on the first quiz. No big surprises here, except that I probably far exceeded past teachers prognostications of my skill, I barely squeaked by – getting six out of ten right in a quiz on: famous misquotes and grammar errors.

I did a little better on the next quiz. I only messed up on finishing the Gloria Steinem quote (sorry, but I am a kindasorta macho type guy and so I do not read Ms. Magazine) getting nine out of ten correct on: famous quotes.

As an USAmerican Boomer, the next quiz was an anticlimactic epiphany. Granted my mind “drew a blank” on the definition of a hyperbolic paraboloid. But getting nine out of ten right I know my: junk food.

Sorry, but I was really lacking in the next quiz on the States. At age ten I could have answered the capital of every state in the union. Even more embarrassing I lived for two years in one of the states where I answered incorrectly. And I have family friends that lived in the other state where I answered incorrectly; as I only managed to get nine out of eleven questions correct in: state capitals. 😳

Thousands of immigrants coming to this country have to pass a citizenship test. Ever wonder if you could pass? Well with eleven right out of eleven questions offered, it looks like I probably could naturalize into this country according to Encarta’s: US Citizenship Quiz.

The following distraction I found posted by fellow blogger Sulz, on her blog, Bloggerdygook. The link takes you to ICLP, who allows you to define your personality by creating an e-card personality pig. I named mine Rascal!
Well thats all for for tonight f-f-f-f-folks! On with the show this is it!



  1. thanks for the link love! romantic? hmm… 😉 your ears are huge and your tail… hehe… 😛

  2. You are more than welcome.

  3. Thanks for this valuable sleep aid, Dr. Scoundrel. 🙂 I did fairly well on the quizzes you linked— only missed one or two—no perfect score though.

    I’ve saved the encarta quiz page for the next time I have an attack of insomnia, or am just plain bored!

  4. You are welcome QCX. Yeah other than the grammar test and the state capital test I scored rather well. The bad score on the grammar test was a nobrainer as I still have knots on my head from years of teachers asking what was I thinking asking them to read and correct my grammatical errors. The English teachers used to have secret bonfire conferences and burn me in effigy. Actually the were usually joined by the art teachers who had trouble believing that a young man couldn’t even draw stick figure art that was recognizable. The State capital flop there is no real excuse because when I was a kid you could point to a state and I could name the state and capital. It was required knowledge in my house. I have just gotten lazy. Worse was the two questions I missed. I missed Alabama (I have family friends there, though it has been years since I have seen any of them), and New Mexico where I lived for a couple of years as a kid. Oops! 😳 No 😳 Excuse 😳 For 😳 that 😳 lapse 😳 !!!!!!!!

  5. Unfortunately I am not a doctor but I did used to work for a future Holiday Inn!

  6. Want to be able to always remember all 50 United States and their capitals?

    Check out for a special deck of cards that feature funny cartoons that will stick in your brain.

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