Posted by: thescoundrel | October 15, 2007

Hillary Clinton the 2008 Democrat POTUS Nominee?

Almost every poll I read has Hillary Clinton running away from the Democrat POTUS Primary field. There is still plenty of time for Hillary to shoot herself in the foot but unless there is a major Clinton faux paux or damaging scandal between now and the Primary elections (but her competition needs to remember – scandals easily slide off the Clinton Teflon images); it looks like Hillary is just coasting down the stretch with the competition still fading further and further behind. None of her competition seems able to make up ground and make a noticeable dent in her run for the Rose Garden. In all it is a strange competition to watch. Hillary is not all that lovable as a candidate and excepting George Bush, is probably the next most disliked politician in the USA. She is also disliked by a very vocal section within her own party that blogs their hatred for the woman in a manner that is usually reserved for the Interparty (Democrat<—> Republican) Bipartisan Hatefests. I didn’t really expect John Edwards to mount much of an a competition against her (same spotted horse lacking the political infrastructure and connections Hillary has) but I thought that Barack Obama would run neck and neck with her as a fresh face that was promising a transition from the old school politics that Hillary operates. I am not sure whether he just does not want the POTUS nomination bad enough or if it is just that the Hillary machine is pounding him into submission. Either way it is looking bad for Obama. I think part of the Clinton competitions’ problem was that they forgot who they were running against in the Primary. Every debate I watched has been a holding hands church revival that was more about bashing GW Bush than it was about separating themselves from each other and making themselves competitive against their actual competition in the coming Primary. That is only going to play into the hands of an experienced politician like Clinton that has had her power machine locked in overdrive long before the rest of the candidates who are still trying to get out of granny gear. A lot of time is left until the voting begins, but the way the race is running, it looks like Hillary will probably be able to coast to the finish line. Whether you like the woman or not, you have to admire the souped-up political musclecarmachine that she has put together while her competition still looks like they are all using Fred Flintstone mobiles.



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