Posted by: thescoundrel | October 18, 2007

Another School Commandeers Parental Authority Over Children

It was just back in May when I was talking about a school in Colorado that had decided to push administrators’ personal agendas
over Parents Rights concerning the requiring of high school students to sit through an assembly by a speaker promoting drug and sexual experimentation. A school in Maine has gone one-step further. The school, which teaches Junior High School students, has decided to promote the school’s morality and authority over the parent’s right to decide concerning the decision of distribution of birth control pills to girls as young as eleven. A newly adopted clause in their school healthcare form, that parents need to sign for children to receive treatment if they are sick or injured at school, allows the school health administrators to issue birth control pills to the young girls without parental notification or consultation. Huh! Another school has taken away rights of decision and direction in child rearing that should belong to the parents of those children. Those administrators have NO business in discussing or administrating birth control pills to kids of any age, especially so with junior high school age children, without parental notification, consultation and permission. Heck, the government is considering banning giving children cold medicines and this school is deciding they can give out medication that has far more serious physical and mental repercussions than a teaspoon of cold medicine. Is there any wonder more and more people that can afford it, are home schooling more and more. I think that situations like these make the idea of school vouchers for parents wishing to send their children to different schools very reasonable. There is no reason a parent that should have to endure a schools circumventing their parental authority because they cannot afford to send their kids to more sensible alternative schools. It is time that parents were given back control of raising their children and the schools kept to the business of teaching reading, writing and arithmetic.


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