Posted by: thescoundrel | October 20, 2007

The Extreme Sporting Life

Looking for exhilarating activities? However has bungee jumping off bridges lost its thrill? Maybe shooting the river rapids, climbing tall mountains and normal skydiving for your thrill-seeking adventures has left your blood tepid instead of burning with the passion of excitement! Well no need to fear, because coming to thrill-seekers around the world (where expense is not an issue) in the near future will be the ultimate adventure of taking skydiving to the next level! According to an article by Michael Hanlon in the Daily Mail, a group of thrill-seekers are working on an attempt to duplicate the 1960 feat of former US Air Force Capt./Col. Joseph Kittinger. In 1960, Kittinger was part of a study in high altitude parachute jumps called Project Excelsior. The third jump of the project involved Kittinger jumping from a helium balloon platform over twenty miles above the Earth’s surface. According to the article that is over three times the cruising height of commercial jet airliners. (I wouldn’t know – and yes you can just call me B.A. Baracus, because the only way they are gonna drag me on a plane is doping me out of my mind.) Kittinger was estimated to have reached speeds up to 714 mph as he traveled the twenty-mile distance, before parachuting safely to the ground in thirteen minutes and forty-five seconds 😯 . Hanlon’s article goes on to state that the group of entrepreneurs planning on chasing and breaking Kittinger’s 1960 record are planning to attempt to expand the record jump to as far as sixty miles above the earths surface. I am assuming they will use totally equipped space suits, if not, then hopefully they will supply “Depends” to wear inside the suit! Hmm, sounds like fun but I think I will wait for the video game version! Story link below.

I highly recommend reading: Hanlon’s article on Kittenger’s jump and the newly planned adventure to break his forty-year old record!


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