Posted by: thescoundrel | October 21, 2007

Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney Dominate Saturdays Values Voters Polling

While the winner of Saturdays Value Voters’ Members 2008 POTUS polling might be debatable – the biggest losers in the poll were not in question. One winner was Mitt Romney in the overall polling (which was a total of onsite kiosk voting + mail-in voting + Internet voting), barely edging out Mike Huckabee by thirty votes – 1595 to 1565 votes. The next closest in the overall voting was Ron Paul, with 865votes. Mike Huckabee won the onsite-only voting by a landslide. In what is a Republican dominated coalition/conference that had an attendance of around 2000 people there were 952 votes cast, of which Mike Huckabee received 488 votes with Mitt Romney coming in a very distant second with 99 votes. The biggest losers were three of the Big4 leading Republican candidates – Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain – all with a a poor showing among the votes tallied. And though the fourth member of the Big4 club, Romney, won the overall voting, it is clear that second-tier candidate Mike Huckabee evenly matched his popularity in the overall choice and was clearly the overwhelming choice of those members that made the physical effort to attend the conference. In fact after reading many of the online articles and blogs about the conference, they signaled that the crowd on hand was enthusiastically rallying behind Huckabee and his talking points. That has to be somewhat crushing for all of the Big4 Republicans that were hoping that the conference would help make them the clear leader of the Christian and Family voting coalition. Instead the result is that it probably made the contest tighter as it showed Huckabee as belonging among the first-tier contenders. There is also suggestion that there is some Democrat crossover voting for him. My guess is part of that is the Hillary Clinton runaway train towards winning the Democrat Primary. The conference results should help boost Huckabee, who like Ron Paul is already an Internet favorite, get more recognition from the media that has been giving him the oh!-are-you-still-there? in the debates and media exposure.



  1. I’ve been reading all the glowing Huckabee reports too, but I’m wondering just how much power and influence the social conservatives have.

    Aren’t more people Republicans because of the (supposed) policies of pro-business, low taxes, small government, etc?

    What can a POTUS do about abortion anyway? Ever since Roe v. Wade this issue has been taken away from the legislature and into the hands of the courts. Same for gay marriage.

    But whatever, I’m glad to see Huckabee is getting his moment in the sun. I think he deserves a closer look and I truly believe that those who have been following the POTUS race closely are already heartily tired/disgusted/annoyed with the top-tier candidates.

    Go Huck!

  2. I am not sure that a President can do much of anything to actually change laws. Basically they can recommend legislation but not create it and afterwards their power is either to approve or veto what the two legislative bodies create and pass. Other than that their powers are limited. I suppose their biggest powers other than that are the right to command the military, which is limited and has shrunk drastically since the original drafting of the constitution, and the right to appoint Judges, which have to go through approval committees. Any deals they cut have to be approved through legislation. The real power to direct the country has always been in the legislative bodies. One thing that I have decided from observing our government in my lifetime, is that I do not like it when one party or the other has complete control of the executive and legislative branches. And though it is great fun to demonize the various POTUS candidates, in truth they are just the coxswain of a boat trying to keep the rowers all in directional rhythm.

  3. Re: “I do not like it when one party of the other has complete control of the executive and legislative branches.”

    Well, amen to that. All you have to do is look at our dysfunctional Illinois government or the 6 years the GOP had control of both branches of the federal government to realize one party rule is a disaster no matter which party has the total control.

    A while back I saw a great article about this topic called United We Fall, Divided we Stand (or vice versa) that I was going to do a post about but kept postponing. I was going to link it here, figuring I’d never get around to it anyway, but the blog (Donklephant) had been hacked and the post was lost. They say they can reclaim all the posts, and if so, I’ll do something on it, if only link it here, since it’s a great subject that deserves more discussion.

  4. I see you’ve finally put up your Halloween decorations—–festive!

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  6. Thanks. You can blame my decorative fickleness combined with I was going through a period of 48 hours plus on a half/hours sleep. I was sitting in my desk chair while spinning in circles singing ninety-nine bottles of Mt. Dew on the wall – when I decided my blog needed a makeover. So I went through the WP designs and since there were no Cubs Baseball styled designs, I chose this brand new black and orange. It seemed fitting for the season.

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