Posted by: thescoundrel | October 23, 2007

Breaking News: It’s Not My Fault!!!

Breaking News: UK Science researchers have determined –> –> –> It’s Not My Fault!!! WooHooooo!!!

According to UK researchers, I can now officially blame genes (or do they really mean blame my jeans) from my mom and dad for my mesmerization by plates full of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy with cracklings (not the prepackaged restaurant versions – that ain’t nothing more than flour soup), fried onions, barbecued pork ribs drenched in a sweet/spicy sticky tomato sauce, french fries, mounds of cole slaw, steamy bowls of pinto beans with chunks of ham floating, hot cornbread (NO – not that cake-like Jiffy mix) slathered with slabs of butter melting on top, lightly salted freshly sliced watermelon/muskmelon, peach ice-cream on top of fresh baked peach pie. I suppose I can also blame them for my fanatical need to spread various quality candies in a circle of burning candles as I chant choc-o-late, choc-o-late, choc-o-late while my mind ascends into higher state-of-being from the sweet smell of quality chocolate (NO – not that faux-chocolate called a Hershey Bar, YUuuUCK!) warmed by the heat of the candles. Yum, that makes me lightheaded and woozy just thinking about it!

BBC News Article link: Diet Choices.



  1. I know for a fact that discipline can overcome culture (and maybe genes/jeans).

    Mr. Examiner and I are both born and bred MidWesterners (he’s from the north, I’m from the south) yet once it was known that diet could help his gene-induced heart disease, I immediately began learning how to cook with less salt and less fat, and still make the food taste—-well, edible, at least! 😀

    When I haul out some of my old recipes that call for salt in the amount of TABLESPOONS I see how far we’ve come. Now at most I use 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon salt, and just enough oil or butter to get the job done.

    So yeah, I can sympathize—-I was raised with fried chicken, cream gravy and hush puppies too but necessity forced me to change the way I cooked.

    A while back I was having a mad craving for Fettuccine Alfredo and since we were eating out, I decided to order it. Yikes! I could barely eat 1/3 of it, and it was touch and go if was gonna be able to keep it down. :-(~

    So I know that eating habits can change and your body will respond to those changes in a positive way. I don’t want to go all Mommy on you, but don’t let a health emergency be the catalyst for changing your eating habits.

  2. Funny that one commenter focused on fat – I look at your list of foods, and I see carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Yes, even the chicken is coated in carbs, and the ribs are doused in carbs.

  3. welcome to scoundrels blog psipsina. 😉 yeah but she has seen my lists of food and recipes before. She was especially shocked at my roast chicken with butter stuffed under the skin recipe. but it is all southern style food (except that chicken recipe which was one of my own concoctions)I was raised on. Too bad I cannot eat all that anymore. My lifestyle has changed way too much for all them carbs and fats. When I was a kid I worked 10-12 hours a day in hard labor conditions and when I was not working I was usually lifting weights and playing sports. The last few years has seen a rare genetic condition put a halt to my former lifestyle and along with a necessary change in my choice of foods. 😦 Can’t defeat the family curse but that is the way life goes. But I can still dream of eating all those foods. And I still do, just not as often or in the same quantities. Oh well that does not make them any less tasty! 🙂

  4. Oooops! Looks like I should have saved you the lecture!

    From your post, I gathered the fried chicken, etc. were food realities, rather than food FANTASIES. Reading comprehension school for me! 😉

    But still, glad you are eating healthier, even if it took a health scare to make the change—-I can certainly empathize!

  5. The thing is those foods were fine before when I was burning up as much as I was eating through labor. I no longer work heavy labor many hours in a day. And I can no longer lift weights a couple of hours a day to keep the metabolism high. I have had to make choices. But that does not mean I still do not indulge at times; just not like I used to. On the other hand the question becomes am I really doing myself any favors. The only real certainty in my family is that if you live to be old enough you also get to have cancer. So it is not exactly a win-win situation.

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