Posted by: thescoundrel | October 27, 2007

Energy – Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t (UPDATED)

According to a BBC article United Nations expert Jean Ziegler has went on record condemning the use of corn and sugar crops to make biofuels. He wants a five-year ban on the practice for technology to look at other options. His argument is that it could create more hunger. That is very possible in my estimation. Still it has just been weeks when we were told that the US needed to quit shipping in donations of food products into third world countries as it was hurting their farm economies. Another problem is even if it doesn’t create a shortage of the world’s food crop, it will probably drive up the expense of food around the world. Another possibility is that it will do both. The alternative certainty is a shortage of increasingly expensive fuel and energy. Oil is supposedly at the point of decline in availability. We seem to have multiple possibilities for home and industry usage, some sources such as nuclear energy have their own drawbacks (Three Mile Island Chernobyl). But most, other than nuclear, are in their infant stages and will not answer the call for our complete energy needs in the near future. The usage of oil in its energy byproduct forms is also considered a major pollutant. And though there seems to be some drawbacks to biofuels, they seem to be the powerbrokers choice as quickest available and most promising at replacing oil as the main clean energy component for a large section of our economy needs. They can be worked in tandem with oil products or used as an eventual replacement. They reduce the amount of oil we have to use. They burn cleaner. They reduce our ties to the centuries old war torn Middle East. And they give our economy a boost by using renewable products that we can produce ourselves. If biofuels will make us energy independent, then it is a win-win situation for our country. Then I choose biofuels. If it does create a food shortage, it is just another problem that the World and Mr. Ziegler will have to deal with.

❗ I have added a couple of links on the topic of biofuels:

biofuel link 1

biofuel link 2

And for all you conspiracy lovers out there, you do not want to miss tonight’s (Saturday 10/27) Coast to Coast AM radio show with Alex Jones! He is planning on discussing how the elitists are going to reduce the Worlds population by 80%. Whew, oughta be room to breathe then!

Coast to Coast AM Radio Link

Alex Jones Info Wars Link

❗ Whew, I checked and all my neighbors still seem to be here this morning. But more on this later!! 😈

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