Posted by: thescoundrel | November 4, 2007

Hollywood Writers Set to Strike – Local Blog Locks Out Rogue Strikers!

Hollywood is meeting with the screenwriters union hoping to avoid a strike that could jeopardize some programming. In some cases the effects may not show up unless it is a lengthy strike but other live programming like late night talk shows could be forced to start showing alternate programming or reruns as soon as Monday. The good news is that we could see new life for shows on the verge of disappearing. The bad news is that it could hinder the good programs and keep around shows deserving of cancellation.

In a possibly related event a local blog is temporarily cutting back its operations due to what it claims is a wildcat work stoppage by its optical division. The action is being blamed on the optical division’s long-standing sympathetic bond to the various media modes (i.e. movies-computer games-sporting events-television-Internet-blogging). The blog owner/operator, Cornbread Blatherskite, of Samaritans-Scalawags & Scoundrels Fleecing the Sheep, claims he did not even know that the human elements running the blog had even unionized. He claimed it came as a complete bombshell to him. However 25%-50% of the optical department had instigated a measurable work slowdown as of Thursday. Friday morning the owner called in company negotiators who promptly locked out and shut down 50% of the blog’s optical division. This also brought all company transportation to a complete halt requiring outsourcing of the company’s transportation needs. It also has increased the workload of the remaining workforce. The owner claims that though operations will continue he was forced to cut back on all production phases of operation. Also included in the cutback were all importing and exporting of media associated with blog operations. The company negotiators are hoping to have the rogue elements back under control within the next seven to fourteen days. It is hoped that violence can be avoided. Until then daily blog readers are invited to browse all older posts during this information cutback. For those looking for the unusual I would recommend my Unusual or Weird Al Moments categories. There are also many fine local and worldwide links to other blogs that have been researched posted by the blog owner in the right column. They are all good reads. For readers searching for a philosophical read, over on a blog I just started visiting, there is an interesting Huxley/Orwell debate currently happening over at Morgan Wolf’s blog. For those thinking about potential POTUS candidates I would recommend the pro Mike Huckabee blogs My Take and One Mom. And CB will still be sending out long-winded takes on life and politics here and on other sites, just not as often over the next couple of weeks until the rogue strike is over.

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  1. Scoundrel! 😀 😀

    Great post. (Thanks for the link.)

    Did you see Obama on SNL last night? A-hem. Ellen Degeneres and SNL all in one week. The guy is serious.

    Cheers, Morgan
    Morgan’s Musings

  2. Mike Huckabee, huh? Do you share his belief that the most grave danger facing the United States today is the possibility that we would join the rest of the world in signing the Law of the Sea Treaty?

  3. You are welcome Morgan, I find your blog and discussions fascinating.

    Dave as I am unable to type the long answer due to the strike, the short answer is I disagree with signing the treaty. I do not agree that it is the dumbest thing that has ever been considered. (I consider my vote and original support for Jimmy Carter and Lane Evans as the dumbest events in the history of mankind.) But anything that gives other countries any say in the laws and actions of this country I say No.

  4. Scoundrel … thanks for the link to my blog.

    Dave, I don’t recall hearing Mike refer to the LOST as the gravest danger facing the US (and trust me, I hear almost everything he says on TV/Video/Print). He is against it though, as all rational people should be.

  5. onemon,
    I gues the exact Huckabee quote concerning the Law of the Sea Treaty was “one of the defining issues of our time” and a threat to US freedom — see . When you say all rational people should be against this treaty you are labeling the US Navy and the Oil and Gas Industry, among many others, as irrational.

  6. The link to the Huckabee quote is link

  7. I tend to agree with Ron Paul on this issue. This is a treaty that would allow more direct interference with our governmental and business interests and a plan I along with many others disagree with. And while other issues may be ahead in the polls, endorsement of a treaty that could create more loopholes allowing sovereignty rights issues such as the Texas/Medellin case, is as serious of an issue as those more pretty and highly publicized.

  8. “…Joe Biden is now the third best bet for the nomination. I’m hearing a lot of buzz about him from people who pay attention.”
    – Chris Matthews, MSNBC (12/10/07)
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