Posted by: thescoundrel | November 7, 2007

Falling Cows and Other Odd News

theScoundrel’s blogging is still in a lethargic mode as the optical division is still wildcatting, so here is a new collection of odd news from around the world:

I suppose the state of Washington will soon be installing new roadsigns saying “Caution Falling Cow Zone” after a visiting Michigan couple narrowly escaped serious injury when a cow fell off a cliff and fell two hundred feet and landed on the couples minivan. Ouch!

Evidently it is not a one of a kind event as in August 2006, a sunbathing woman had just moved when a cow fell from fifty feet above her, landing where she had just been laying. A falling cow and other legends link.

Anyone whom has ever worked a desk at a hotel has heard the famous words “Hey I just want to rent the room for twenty minutes, can’t you give me a discount!” And if you look around in most metro areas you will find a nondescript hotel/motel that specializes in local love brokers. Japan has stepped up the market with an expansion in posh no-tell love hotels. They are even going to market them on the stock exchange. I hope they change (and disinfect) the bedding often. (When checking in to a hotel for a stay the first things I do is cast away the top spreads and pillows.)

A sixteen year old Maryland boy tried to hire an undercover cop as a hitman to kill his parents after he was grounded, had his Sony playstation taken away and his television viewing suspended. Huh! Must be from some kind of Huxleyean Society withdrawal pains?

This kid must live in a house where his mom is riding on his back at an early age about the toilet stool lid or either he has watched the movie “No Time For Sergeants” (a great funny movie) one too many times.

In my personal opinion, this Texas man is xxxxxxx xxxx (censored)! I grew up around rattlesnakes and there is no way I am getting in to a bathtub with one, much less 87.

Yahoo!/Reuters Odd News link.

Thats all for tonight folks! Drizzle-Drazzle-Drome, time for zis one to go home.


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