Posted by: thescoundrel | November 8, 2007

More Independent POTUS Rumblings: Lou Dobbs?

I have talked before of the growing discontent towards both the Democrat and Republican Parties for numerous reasons by the USAmerican public. It is evident in the continual low ratings of the POTUS and SCOTUS in polls. Political Journalist Lou Dobbs has gone on record as saying he thinks that the next President might very well be an Independent. We have seen the appearance of Independent possibilities over the last few decades, though no one has ever really made an effective showing in the race. I talked once before on how a viable Independent third party candidate could certainly throw a monkey wrench in to the plans of the Democrat and Republican hierarchy. I also talked earlier that already in the 2008 race we have seen the name of Michael Bloomberg mentioned as a possible entry as an Independent candidate. Ron Paul has emerged as a dark horse Republican candidate. Though I do not see Paul as winning the Republican primary, he has a tremendous following along both major party lines and Independents, and I could see him as a possible real force as an Independent. Even Lou Dobbs name has came up as a possible candidate. There is even a draft Lou Dobbs for President website. Factor in that the leading candidates and probable primary victors for both the Democrat Party (Clinton) and the Republican Party (Giuliani) are not without a lot of negative baggage and you have an opening for an upset in the making if a Independent candidate stepped up to bat. Also consider that both (and similar candidates) Clinton and Giuliani are both on the opposite side of the majority of the public’s attitude when it comes to Illegal immigration – you leave an opening that a populist candidate, with a fix-immigration message, could drive a Mack Truck through. I said it before, this country is in the right position for an idealistic Independent candidate, with a Ronald Reagan populist type message and his same ability to focus this nation, to seize the POTUS branch away from both disarrayed major parties.

I have added a new link I found dealing with illegal immigration information:

Immigration Counter



  1. What a wonderful idea! A three-way race with Giuliani, Clinton (or Obama or Edwards) and Michael Bloomberg (or better yet Lou Dobbs or Ron Paul) would be perfect! It would be especially great if the 3rd party candidate made their opposition to illegal immigration the central theme of their campaign, especially if they, as Lou Dobbs and Tom Tancredo do, make it clear that their opposition to illegal immigrants also extends to legal immigrants who are slow to learn English and/or like to celebrate holidays unfamiliar to most Americans and occasionally wave the flag of the country of their birth. That would be a good test of your theory that most white Americans share your feelings about immigration and diversity and that non-white Americans do not vote and/or are not energized by this issue.
    Go for it! I would even throw in a few dollars to help make it happen!

  2. I have already stated my preference is for Huckabee. But Dave as I stated in my post, both POTUS front-runners (Giuliani and Clinton) come with huge baggage. Both are as estranged to as many public sectors as the sectors where they are liked. And it is most likely that each will be the POTUS candidate of their respective parties. And it does not matter if Clinton chooses Obama or Edwards as her running mate or whomever Giuliani chooses as his running mate they are only guaranteed about 1/3 of the votes each. Immigration is not the only thing dogging these two candidates. But around 2/3 of the USAmerican citizens disapprove of the way immigration is being handled. And both Clinton and Giuliani have unpopular statements on illegal immigration. And though it is not the only motivation that will affect this election, in this race of similar personas it could very well be the tipping point stimulus. In a race like this one is shaping up, where about half the public dislikes each of the two front-runners, a wildcard candidate has the only chance they are going to get the way our system is set up. Tancredo is not going to raise the kind of money and support necessary to run. Neither is Dobbs. Bloomberg is the type that can actually buy his way into an election. That does not necessarily translate into winning, as seen with Romney, but it does create opportunity. Ron Paul is an unusual type that could sneak past the radar and carries the type of public support that is necessary to pull off an upset. Clinton and Giuliani are they type of candidates that keep voters at home watching Gilligan’s Island reruns instead of treading to the polls to vote. The Ron Paul types in an election are the true mavericks. And in an election where both parties are pushing unpopular candidates to the front, wildcards stand an actual chance if they separate themselves from the pack with a popular message. A small chance albeit, but a chance. And that is one I would pay to see if Huckabee gets kicked to the side by the Republican Party, like I figure he will.

  3. Great!
    I sincerely hope that a lot of people who voted Republican in the last few elections are thinking like you and vote for a 3rd party candidate this time. That would be great. And if you are all doing that on the assumption that just as many people who voted Democratic in the last few elections are also not going to vote Democratic this time that is fine with me! Go for it! How can I help?

  4. I always split my ticket and Dave I only voted Republican for POTUS once in the last three elections. That was in 2004. You can help by remaining your same clueless Democrat loyalist self and like others that I know that will remain the same clueless Republican loyalists. It is those blind hate filled party loyalists that feed those of us seeking change and the demise of the two party gridlock. See you don’t have to change at all. Not today or even tomorrow but your own tunnel vision is what will eventually bring around the demise of the two-party gridlock that is destroying this country.

  5. If you are not going to vote Republican in the upcoming POTUS election and encourage other conservatives to do the same then I don’t care what you call me. Call me hate-filled, clueless, part of the problem, whatever. Just keep pushing that 3rd party idea to other conservatives. That will be great!

  6. Dave you read but you do not comprehend. You have not understood a word of the original post I had written. This post is not out to lead the right or the left down the road to party glory, or even an attempt to get them to change their philosophy. It simply told a story that is unfolding. It is a sad story about how the evil in two political parties are opening new opportunity for new beginnings as the two stagnant parties seek to grab on to power by whatever means they can.

  7. The only way you will ever get a strong 3rd party movement is to first enact term limits on congress.

    Until then the 3rd part movement is DOA.

    Of course, the term limits movement is DOA for the same reason.

  8. Oh, that’s too bad. I had hoped you were trying to influence other conservatives to join you. That would have been a trend that could have been beneficial for the country. Instead of an actor you now claim that you are simply a reporter. Well, we will see how accurate your reporting turns out to be.

  9. Give it up Scoundrel, Barrett doesn’t do nuance. If you don’t march in lockstep with his ideology, you are branded a “conservative” and therefore the enemy.

    But back on topic, I think the POTUS situation is a lot more fluid than the national press would have us believe.

    No one knows what the effect of the Iowa caucus being moved up to January 3 will be. Same for what the Super-De-Duper Tuesday in February will mean.

    For the first time in decades there is no incumbent. The Democrats are hollaring for change, yet Hillary is said to be the front-runner. Ain’t nothin’ changing about Hillary.

    There is also the Unity08 candidates, who have yet to be announced. Also, as you mentioned, the possibility of a third party candidate on either side—-including Ralph Nader.

    I still don’t know who I’ll back. My brief flirtation with Ron Paul is over. I’m still thinking Huckabee v. Richardson—maybe, but for now, I’m grabbing the popcorn and enjoying the show!

  10. Welcome TSW, I have thought for years that term limits are an excellent idea for Congress. Though I think the R&D party officials continue to open themselves up to competition. What a viable third party lacks is cash and a charismatic leader.

    Yeah I know QCEx, Dave is like some of my friends and relatives that blindly dance the R&D party puppet dance. I am not completely sold that the race is over but it is close to being over in both parties. Both Party’s leadership has exactly who they think will get them the royal crown in the lead and they will do everything they can to keep them there. Although if Obama or one of the others have the moxy to run with it, Kathleen Willey just gave them a great tool to derail the Hillary express with her new book talking of the Billary years.

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