Posted by: thescoundrel | November 9, 2007

US Schools Just Say No to Cookies & Cupcakes – UK, Strippers are Okay!

A UK mother has unwittingly moved the idea of a sweet sixteen-birthday surprise up a notch. It seems she worked a deal with the drama teacher of her son’s school to tape a surprise birthday visit for his birthday. She had evidently sought a birthday visit from a “gorilla” for his special day. What the son received was not a gorilla but a stripper dressed up as a cop. I don’t remember what I got for my sixteenth birthday but I can guarantee you, no strippers were involved. The best I ever got for any birthday, once I passed ten, was a cake, ice cream, KFC, cash and a poster of Farrah Fawcett. (The money is long gone but I still have that poster somewhere.) The dancer led the kid around the room doggy style and spanked him sixteen times. She then put on some Britney Spears music and started to perform a strip dance. When she got down to her bra and panties she evidently asked the kid to apply lotion to her. At that point the teacher stopped the show. You put a sixteen year old boy in that scenario and he is going to milk the event for its worth. But it sounds like the teacher was a little slow on the draw to me. I find it difficult to believe that the teacher allowed the dance to last that long. Sounds like a lot of poor thinking by the entertainment co., the dancer and the teacher. Huh – perhaps the US nanny police need to add strippers to their cookies, cupcakes, candy, chips and soda list of suggested items to ban in schools.



  1. In other versions of this story the mom intended to embarass her son with a gorillagram. It’s a rather humorus mistake, but I want to know how you try to order a gorilliagram and end up getting a stripper. What company out there allows you to hire out guys in gorilla suits and/or strippers?

  2. I do not know about the gorilla but stripper grams are common, but not to kids schools. But if I were the teacher it would have stopped as soon as she started leading him around the class like a dog. 🙂

  3. haha, i don’t get the connection between gorilla and stripper! unless the mom ordered a gorilla stripper but got a cop stripper instead… 😆

    why do us schools ban cookies and cupcakes?!

  4. There is a nanny portion of the country trying to control what you feed your kids. So they are pressuring schools to do away with high fat and high calorie food stuffs. Some schools have even done away with the old tradition of kids bringing in cookies or other sweet treats on birthdays. When I was a kid some kid would bring in cookies, candy or cake for the whole class to share. The current nanny movement disapproves of that idea. Of course they are often the same group who have no problem with schools handing out birth control pills and condoms to preteens.

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