Posted by: thescoundrel | November 10, 2007

Cynicism and Politics

I am a cynical individual. I am not easily moved by emotional situations or substance. When it comes to people –> I do not attach well – but I like and get along with most everyone in all walks of life. That probably comes from the fact that over the last generation my family has worked itself from the poverty levels to the blue-collar levels and some have gone even further. Thus socializing with my family usually requires you to be able to socially transform from hole-in-the-pocket hick to farmer to union-blue-factory workers to middle-class management types in the blink of an eye. Many are also moderately to heavily involved in Rightwing or Leftwing political-lemming witchcraft like rituals. The family members and friends all set in various huddles around bonfires sticking pins into voodoo dolls of the enemy party while chanting their own party rhetoric. Listening to the D&R rhetoric and watching the actual D&R political parties behavior over decades has left me with a contemptuous attitude towards politics, political lemmings that spread the party schlock and especially the politicians they either are or support. So it is rare that I find a politician that I can listen to or stay attentive to their message for longer than a five-minute span. It is even more rare when I find political stories about politicians that create an emotional response other than contempt/distrust. But once again I found a posted Mike Huckabee story that left me with a positive feeling about the man and a glimmer of hope for politics and politicians. I am not a radical element of any particular movement and I am far too jaded to put my faith in politicians, but I am willing to support Huckabee the individual and give him the chance to prove me wrong about one/some politicians.



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  2. I’m glad my account brought a little ray of light into your world. It was an amazing time for me and my daughter. Thanks for passing it along.

  3. Great to hear you find Huckabee just may be that one! I too am cynical of politicians, but MIke Huckabee is the first candidate that is a true Statesman, speaking fromthe Heart with a platform that is centered on one thing, bringing our Nation back from the rocks of destruction that are on the horizon!

  4. Good post, and the link to the OneMom post was a good one.

    About halfway down in the comments of the OneMom post, commenter Hannah Hale spoke the truth when she said “America does not deserve a president like (Huckabee), America deserves Hillary Clinton.”

    Unfortunately, I do believe this is true. We don’t deserve a “real” person like Huckabee, because of our inertia we deserve the candidate of the powerful, not the people, which is Hillary Clinton—-and most of the other POTUS candidates, sad to say.

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