Posted by: thescoundrel | November 15, 2007

theScoundrel is Classified –> Juvenile

Welcome to theScoundrels descent to juvenile levels. This blog has been rated junior high levels for readability! Woo Hoo! Sulz had the following link over on her blog it was fun so I am posting it here on mine.

Rate your blog for readability.

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  1. woohoo! 😛

    what about me then, elementary level? can i bwing my teddy bear for show and tell? :mrgreen:

  2. Yeah, but yer just a young whippersnapper that knows a gazillion languages and I am 29+ whose secondary language is hillbilly. 😉 Looks bad for the home team here!

  3. you’re 29?? and all this while my mental image of you is a balding guy in his mid-forties… LOL!!

    i can only speak two languages fluently. the rest are rubbish! and english is supposed to be my mother tongue!

  4. Yeah my only trouble is I can”t remember how many years I have been 29+. 🙂

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