Posted by: thescoundrel | November 18, 2007

Hillary vs. Obama. Secrets – Does she or Doesn’t she?

The big story running around the campaign trail is the Clinton camp leaked rumor article about Obama written by Robert Novak. The story said Clinton staffers claimed Hillary was sitting on damning information about Obama. The story has rightfully ruffled the feathers of the Obama camp. Does she or doesn’t she have information? The Clinton camp is now claiming that it actually has no such information. Probably even her hair dresser doesn’t know the truth for sure. Does it even matter if she has it or not? Is it a game of truth or dare ? There have been lots of theories about the possible information being tossed around. Though nothing I have read seems to offer any facts of being the actual rumor. The most damning I have read suggest it could be photos of Obama powdering his nose in his younger days, more on his questionable Chicago real estate Rezko dealings or possibly more information about the supposed to be debunked Insight Magazine article on Obama attending a Muslim Madrassa School. Perhaps she is hoping to force him to play a game of truth or dare with the Clinton machine. If they can throw around enough innuendo she might be able to get a fish on the line she can reel in. The consequences are that no matter how it plays out it works out for Hillary and probably hurts Obama. What better way to keep him down than by kicking him in the ribs while he is still on the floor. She has Obama on the floor in the polls and only needs to keep kicking at him to keep him restrained enough to win the Democrat Primary. While he is busy defending the rumors he wastes time he could be on the offense. Of course, if she really does have something on him (all politicians have dirt, it is just a matter of how bad and someone finding out about it), then a solid kick to the ribs could become permanently politically deadly for Obama. The question comes down to: does Obama really want to see what, if anything, Hillary has hidden behind her secret door? The smart move (unless Obama does have a really negative secret hidden) is probably not to play the Clinton game at all and move on down the road and attempt to force her to play the game on his terms.



  1. You can be sure, the Clinton camp has SOMETHING on every candidate in the race, and they will use it at the appropriate time. They are denying it, because it would seem pretty slimy to have this information and to wait to expose it until the election draws closer. If they deny it, they can wait until January looms and then leak it to the press.

    Obama better be ready. The Clinton storm is coming.

    -Eric Palmieri

  2. Don Surber sensibly asks what possible dirt can the Clintons have on Obama that is worse than their dirt?

    He then lists some of the dirty dealings the Clintons did in the 90s.

    His bottom line: “The problem with the Clintons is that they give white trash a bad name. 😀

  3. She obviously stumbled upon some secrets, but she’s keeping them private out of respect for Obama. I think this shows just how much integrity Hillary Clinton has. But the media is finding every way they can to twist this story in every dirty direction.

  4. The link in QCEx’s post was redirecting me to the Charleston Daily Mail Blog sign-in page. So in case anyone else was experiencing a similar problem I am posting the link to Don Surber’s blog page. The post name is Hill holding back on Obama. This link worked for me and it contains the post where QCEx was directing us. Thanks for the link QCex, interesting as usual!

  5. Eric I agree with your summation. The thing is with politicians if you dig long enough and deep enough you can usually find dirt on anyone. The key question is it a killer blow. The reality is Hillary does not need a killer blow to win as late in the game as it is. All she has to do win the match is keep Obama dodging punches real or feigned during the few rounds left.

    Vote for Hillary, I do not know if she has any real damaging information or not. The facts are she does not need it to win at this point unless she stumbles bigtime again. But if she does have something, it is smart politics to hold it in reserve if she does need it for a finishing punch. There is nothing noble or gallant about what she is doing or someone in her camp would not have leaked the news. It was either a setup punch for a fishing trip or if she really has information –>it was a warning to the Obama camp to backoff or face the music.

  6. Hmmmmm. I don’t know why my Surber link failed, but thanks for fixing it!

  7. I do not think there was anything wrong with your link. I cut and pasted it into word perfect and it worked fine. but when I reposted it back on the blog, the link would redirect when you clicked on the link. So I went directly to the site and copied the link and once again the same results; it worked fine in word perfect but not as a blog link. You will have to talk to your blogdaddy about it for answers as I am not computer language savvy. My computer abilities stop at early DOS and even then they were very limited. 😉 I have no desire to play “keep up with the Bill Gates” when it comes to staying computer literate, everything changes too often.

  8. It looks like the news of Clinton/Obama conflict has reached the ears of the BBC. That is kind of like telling your gabby sister something, it will end up all around the known universe as you sleep! (SHH-SHH-SHH, don’t anyone tell my sister I said that, I still need her services as a taxi driver for awhile.)

  9. […] possible political favor internships. I have speculated before if this has something to do with the big Obama secret that the Clinton camp leaked that they were sitting on. The thing about rubbing shoulders with corrupt individuals is that very often you get some of their […]

  10. Number 1 I believe that the clintons have a body count the size of the mob. Did you people ever look at all the people who were murdered during their terms in Arkansas, and the white house? We’re talking about 40-45pp. Gunshots, thown on train tracks, ruled suicide most of the time. Sick, Sick, Sick. Cia Drug smuggling. Whitewater, travelgate. Come on people. This is just easy.

  11. More on Obama Agent of Change

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