Posted by: thescoundrel | November 23, 2007

Less Ordinary Christmas Gifts

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Well today is Black Friday the most magical occasion of consumerism of the year! I am sure that many of you, like me, will be out on early expeditions trying to capture some advertised limited-quantity tantalizing treasure. And since today is the first official day of Christmas Shopping I am offering links to less ordinary gifts for your politically obsessed loved ones. theScoundrel offers no endorsement or assurance of authenticity, quality, availability or any recommendation of any gifts located at the sites. The only guaranteed information offered by this author, is that many of them gave me a good belly laugh! Caution is recommended for those easily offended as some of these links contain potentially offensive items. You are officially and politically warned 😉 !!!

Starting off with gifts to impress! I actually found these gifts appealing, especially the hooded black sweat shirt with the Presidential Eagle emblem. Why give that pretentious relative/friend a gift they can rub your nose in when you can give them a gift from the U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division’s Benefit Fund White House Gift Shop with the Presidential Seal embossed on the gift. Impress them of your political prestige with golf accessories, jewelry and other gifts stamped with multiple choices of Presidential emblems. WOO HOO!

Over on Political Gifts you can get your favorite politicians’ caricatures used as the faces on playing cards. That way your politically obsessive gift-receiver can have daily fun and games with their favorite politicians. Do you have a smoker you need to get a special gift for, get them some non-politically correct Monica Lewinsky cigars. Is their pesky Republican neighbor parking in their spot, how about a “for Democrats Only Parking Sign, all others will be towed”. You say you have a kid dreaming of being the President of these United States of America? Take that kid to a shrink right away!! No? Okay, then how about an Air Force One toy play set. No green machines here. The set includes replicas of Air Force One, Marine One, the Presidential Limo and Sedan, Secret Service Jeep, complete with presidential seals and motorcade signs. WOW–> Baby steps preparing your child for becoming leader of this country.

Hey most places like Cafe Express offer something championing or insulting for everyone. Doesn’t matter whether you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, Green etc there is gift for your loved one. I have to admit they almost got me to click on the -try burning this flag- t-shirt.

And the Hero Builders site also offers some unusual action dolls (caution, some are mature themed and in my opinion some like hanging Saddam 😯 are beyond tasteless). Why be satisfied with that over-priced steroid pumped-up wrestling action doll when you can get the similarly expensive Talking Governator, Americas Mayor Rudy, The Dream team- Obama & Clinton, Talking Howard Dean, Talking Barck Obama, Talking British Ally, You Don’t Know Dick (Cheney) complete with miniature shotgun, Talking Bush in Baghdad and more. And they say they are child safe and made in America, what more can you ask?

Over on Talking Presidents you can get Americas real action heroes like Talking Dr. Laura and Elvis Presley. I am sure conservatives will be rushing to buy Talking Bill Clinton to have his wisdom close at hand. plus I am sure liberals will not want to miss out on purchasing the Talking Ann Coulter and Talking Ronald Reagan dolls to keep their wisdom available also. I am guessing the Ann Coulter dolls will sell out quickly to Howard Dean for all the people on his Christmas list. Don’t want a doll how about a Teddy Roosevelt Plate or maybe a print of a tricky dick memory? Wow tricky Dick bowling, that is a flashback.

And where price is not an issue and conspiracy is extremely appreciated you can get a Flat Signed Book autographed by President Gerald Ford on the JFK assasination conspiracy. Conspiracy not your cup of tea; they have others including books signed by Hillary Clinton, Buzz Aldri, etc.
Thats all for now, I gotta catch a little rest before participating in the Friday Spending Orgy!



  1. Great post. I loved the link to the WH gift shop. Now, I’m going to get my buddy a Polo shirt with the presedential seal.


  2. Yeah they actually do have some nice normal gifts, that are unique because they have the presidential seal on them, at the White House Gift shop.

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  4. I saw that they’re looking for people like us to participate to order online Christmas gift. You can surf the site, chime in on chats… Got smooth spinning skills, cheap Christmas gifts, and best Christmas gifts?
    Give them a shout for a shot to explore: . Go check it!

    Peace out! Enjoy Christmas!!

  5. Thanks for reminding me of Monica. Just when I thought I had erased that dirty little memory.

  6. Sorry! 😆

  7. […] other things that he said about the product they were selling. Now I talked about Flatsigned Books during my posts of Less Ordinary Christmas Gifts. The book, an autographed by President Gerald R. Ford Limited Edition Book “The John F. […]

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