Posted by: thescoundrel | November 30, 2007

A Low-Tech Redneck – Living in a Hi-Tech Crime World

When I first started out on America Online several moons ago (my advanced model abacus does not have enough fingers and toes to calculate the exact period of time passed) it seemed that despite often changing virus detection programs as fast as I changed shirts that a new nasty virus would find its way into the system. The first time I realized I was hit by a virus was after exchanging several nasty e-mails with someone that was claiming – I was sending them porn ads. I knew I wasn’t, so the subsequent unfriendly conversation interchange created two very angry Internet travelers. It wasn’t until we both reached a boiling point that I considered that perhaps something had gotten past my firewall and virus detector. So I called my provider, AOL, and they ran a check on my system. Bingo, a Trojan virus had made its way around all my expensive software blocks and was creating a headache for me and others across the Internet. AOL told me the best way to remove the problem and suggested another upgrade in software. And it seems that the fight never ends. You buy the newsuperduperspaceageinternetmousetrap and the mice eventually figure out how to eat the cheese without getting caught. 😦 Sigh! I am constantly reminded that the game never ends when I read all my e-mails full of spam and phishing expeditions while also being sent numerous protective upgrades from the various Internet Tool Corporations. Many of those e-mails are offering me untold wealth for merely sending them my personal information. Woo Hoo – Oh yeah, to be independently wealthy because General Ripuhoff needs to launder money from Kenya or some other place. Or maybe the more recent messages where I am told I have won the English lottery, who hoo! Over on the BBC News site they have created a informational series that talks of the problems we have to endure on a daily basis. Some of the series talks of the problems and what to watch for. Other parts take a look into the world of hackers and hi-tech crime. I am sure for the computer whizzes surfing the web it is all old news. But as a 29+ year old boomer alternately embracing and cursing the constantly changing new technologies laid at my feet, I found the articles very interesting.

For those tech-challenged like this low-tech Redneck or those just plain curious; here is the link to the BBC series.



  1. Hee!hee! Well, you are Bill Gates compared to me!

    I have a webtv set up, which means my “computer” is a wireless keyboard, a TV set and a cable box thingee.

    Because there so few “moving parts” I rarely have problems with the system, but when I do the support staff is calm and patient. I think Microsoft hires retired kindergarten teachers to do tech support for webtv users, because they know we at the bottom of the tech food chain.

    One thing Microsoft is a bear about is spam. They are constantly giving us unsolicited “updates” in order to kill any spam monster lurking out there. They are also big on improving the IM feature, which I only use when contacting my blogdaddy.

    The only downside to all the spam-killing is that for some reason, it is virtually impossible to get into comments in any blogspot blog. You have to jump through all sorts of hoops, and the procedure is never the same. I have pretty much given up commenting on any Blogspot blog.

    But so what? We all know the best blogs are on WordPress! 😉

  2. 🙂 I never did like the web tv setups. I considered them when they first came out but I preferred the pc route as it offered more versatility. Besides I owned computers long before I ever traveled the web. I was more into games at first. I still have an old Atari computer (can’t remember if it is a 400 or 800, I had both at one point) sitting in one of the family’s attics.

    Yeah I looked into blogspot when I first started blogging. Then I looked at wordpress and I found I liked the options much better. I find posting on blogger more of a pain also at times. If the blog owner has restrictions set, it can be more trouble than its worth. It usually means going to my account and signing on. The trouble is I do not use it enough to remember the password, which means I have to go to my email and look for the password in my files. Too much bother if I have to do more than type in my name and email address.

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