Posted by: thescoundrel | December 1, 2007

Albracht in the WOC AM Mornings – No More!

I am a frequent listener of radio talk shows. I have often mentioned my fascination with the controversial late night conspiracy show Coast-to-Coast AM. I am also a big fan of the nationally based radio talk show of Dennis Miller, available here locally (9 pm to midnight) on WOC AM radio. I also like to listen to local radio talk show host Jim Fisher, on WOC (2 pm to 5:30 pm), but I rarely have the opportunity to catch his show. But early mornings are the occasion when I usually have the most time to listen to the radio. So I was disheartened when I read that WOC had fired local morning talk-show host Jim Albracht. WOW – thats some Christmas bonus from WOC Radio. Albracht along with Dan Kennedy were the hosts of the WOC morning talk show (5:30 am to 9:00 am) that covered local and national current events and sports. The show would also include a recorded interview with an author, local/national personality, sports figure or politicians. Kennedy and Albracht seemed to mesh rather well as co-hosts and the show was often over before you realized the time slot was up. The show reminded me of the format similar to some I listen to on WGN radio out of Chicago. Their exchange of ideas would include interacting with listeners like myself whom would call in to discuss the topics of the day. The show could be controversial but they never bloodied up the airwaves like some talk shows do for ratings. My only kick against his show was that Albracht was bad to toss softball questions to politicians in his interviews. And if the political Q&A sessions got to sticky sweet, I would fume and fuss and flip over to music on either WLLR-FM, KUUL-FM or instead change my television to Willie’s Place on my Direct TV/XM-Radio satellite channel. I checked over on the WOC website but I did not find any more information than I read in the local newspapers. Neither did it say if it would replace the “Albracht in the Morning Show” or simply retool the show and format. No matter what the decision, the loss of Jim Albracht from the local talk show radio market creates a loss of quality that will be difficult to replace.

😦 😦

On a more cheery Christmas note I am posting another less ordinary gift link! Over on they have a very popular gift that even though they limited the sales to one per customer they have already sold out (they have other unusual gifts also). Sure you say, why post a sold out item? Because even if it winds up being late for Christmas, this is a gift that most any political fanatic would want to fuel their passions for politics. It is a gift that is appropriate for a Democrat or a Republican. It is a Hillary Nutcracker tool! She comes equipped with stainless steel ribbed inner thighs for a locking grip ready to crack those tough nuts, surely a gift worth waiting for! Heck if she becomes the President, (please God, No-No-No), the collectors value would probably double!




  1. I used to listen to Albrecht, but he was just too damned bland. I don’t really want a lot of shrieking in the morning, but he seemed incapable of taking a stand on anything.

    From the outpouring of support in comments on both QCOnline and QCTimes, I’m sure he’ll find a willing employer somewhere here in the QCs.

    I gotta say that firing a guy three weeks before Christmas is really lame. But from what I’ve gathered from his interviews with both QCT and QCO, Albrecht probably knew the writing was on the wall. Media people watch the ratings like hawks, and I’m guessing his weren’t the greatest, so he figured he would get canned sooner later.

    Capitalism can be a bitch, but on the other hand, there is the opportunity for renewal and even bigger profits, which I hope Albrecht achieves.

  2. I have no doubt it was a money thing. That is how business works. Losing your job at anytime is rough but this time of year it was a scrooge-like thing to do. They should have at least given him a pair of Hillary Nutcrackers as a parting gift! I put them on my wish list but I bet Santa don’t deliver! 😦

  3. They have the hillary clinton nutcracker cheaper over at


  4. […] Permanent link to Albracht in the WOC AM Mornings – No?More! […]

  5. The firing of Jim Albrechct at this time of year sounds just like clear channel radio. I don’t care either way for Jim, but what a way to fire a guy. Now I’m down to Jim Fisher and that doesn’t sound good right now. I guess I could go over to your sister station and listen to the same top 10 country songs played over and over and over again. oh yeah and over again. So I guess its back to the music of your life station in Clinton when I can get it or I will just spend my time singing to myself. I will pray for the fast recovery of Jim Fisher. I would party in the street if lightning struck that now worthless radio station and burnt it to the ground. ( Gee maybe we’ll get an odd thunder storm on Christmas Day. ) Merry Christmas to Jim and Jim. oy yeah the rest of you too.

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