Posted by: thescoundrel | December 4, 2007

Chicago Cubs GM Hendry Trades- What is He Thinking?

Well Chicago Cubs GM, Jim Hendry, has done nothing but confuse me so far this offseason. He seems to be making moves just for the sake of looking busy. The team has a surplus of middle infielders. Yet, in November he traded starting CF/RF, Jacque Jones, for utility infielder, Omar Infante. The story was that he would be used like last years signing, Mark DeRosa, playing regularly in both infield and outfield positions. Okay, that worked out in 2007, so that sounded reasonable. He traded late 2007 season acquisition Craig Monroe for a player to be named later. Considering that Monroe like late 2007 acquisition Steve Trachsel, was a trade where they wasted future talent for veterans that did not produce and that the way the new Monroe trade was written the Cubs may not get anything in return, once again (as in the previous Marlins trade for Juan Pierre) Hendry has traded away youth and future for non-producing rent-a-wrecks that are later let go for zero gain. OUCH! Then he gets into a bidding war for mediocre infielder Kaz Matsui. That was a head-scratcher considering all the middle infielders already available to the team. I am not sorry he lost out on that bidding war. Now he has traded, just obtained, Omar Infante along with veteran left-handed reliever Will Ohman for AA level right-handed pitcher, Jose Ascanio. HUH! Do the math. No matter how they spin the possible upside, Hendry has basically traded away from the 2007 team, everyday player Jacque Jones and Will Ohman, a functional LH reliever, for an unproven minor league pitcher. Granted both Jones and Ohman were not in the Cubs future. Jones was on the last year of his contract and has struggled at times, but he still put up respectable numbers. Ohman was simply in the doghouse over his diarrhea from his mouth at the end of last season concerning his struggles. No matter how you look at the series of moves, a capable GM would have gotten more out of the total amount of talent traded since mid 2007 season, especially these offseason trades. I can understand the Infante trade, if the rumors I am reading over on MLB Trade Rumors have substance, that the Cubs could be obtaining Nate McLouth from the Pirates or the Royals –> Mark Teahen. Plus they are also one of the leading candidates trying to sign Japanese stud outfielder, Kosuke Fukudome. Still, since the 2007 midseason point I give Hendry an “F” for his horse-trading abilities. He has once again traded away a lot of future and some veterans for a question mark. It seems that unless a great trade is handed to him on a silver platter he is incapable of turning over any aces while sitting at the poker table. And if there was a lower grade to give him, I would, for his offseason moves to this point. It has to get better, doesn’t it? Please excuse me while I go beat my head against the wall to clear my thinking.

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  2. I know this is an old post, perhaps you can start a new one, but I wanted to see if you had seen this. I saw it on the rumor mill.

    “The Orioles and Cubs are once again discussing a trade involving second baseman/leadoff hitter Brian Roberts, The Chicago Tribune reports.

    The Orioles reportedly would send Roberts to Chicago for pitchers Sean Marshall and Sean Gallagher and infielder Ronny Cedeno.”

    I think thats a terrible move. While Marshall isn’t Nolan Ryan, I really don’t think they need to unload 2 young pitchers to get another crappy middle infielder.

  3. Robbie i have considered posting about it but have held off for a couple of reasons. One is everytime a players name, like Roberts, comes up that may be available through trade, rumors fly across the blogosphere and even among the media sites tying that player to a possible Cubs uniform. I agree with you the move does not make sense. But I have read that they still want to use DeRosa as a jack-of-all trades. I have also read that they are not comfortable with Theriot or Fontenot, Cubs brass has never really had much faith in either. They were high on Cedano, but his promise is quickly tarnishing and I read that they are having him play some outfield in the offseason. Maybe the plan is to see if taking the infield duties off his back will bump up his hitting numbers. They also have Eric Patterson, but he was in the doghouse over his attitude. It is possible the problems with team management with Eric’s brother, Corey, has influenced his value also. I do not know what to think. Overall I am guessing that they need someone proven that could fill the leadoff spot and perhaps Roberts is this guy in their minds. They do have some pitching prospects though Hendry has traded away a lot and gotten little in return. I think Hendry is under pressure to succeed in his own mind to prove himself to the new owner. But to me most of his moves have not been spectacular. He got lucky with the Ramirez trade, he also fell into the Nomar trade, which really was not successful. His best work since has been the signing of Soriano and Fukadome, both of which were just out bidding in an auctiuon.

  4. Now the Roberts trade is supposedly off the table again. One thing I have noticed about trading with the Orioles is the current owner wants the trade to be greatly unbalanced in his favor. I had thought since they picked up the old Cubs GM that their might be a more friendly trade environment between the two teams. But the O’s owner just has the Big Eye on the value of his trading talent. It is kind of sad because I seem to remember that the two teams used to work together in days past to help each other. But I suppose with the big money in baseball those friendlier days are gone.

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