Posted by: thescoundrel | December 7, 2007

A Bubbling Crude Black Gold Texas Tea

Up through the ground comes a bubblin crude, Black Gold, Texas Tea!

Occasionally I spend some time howling on here and on the rest of the blogosphere about the need for viable fuel alternatives. And instead of asking politicians whether they are wearing boxers or briefs the political debate time would have been better spent kicking around solutions to our addiction. There have been millions of USAmericans born and died –> in the thirty years of Democrat and Republican political windbagging dog and pony shows (choose your preferred definition, I prefer selection #1 but it is a free country so pick your own preference, they all fit) since the exasperating oil crisis created in the 70’s by power-playing OPEC potentates lashing out at Israeli sympathizing countries. There are an abundance of important reasons to move beyond our blacktar addiction to the OPEC drug cartel’s poison. The most important is national sovereignty. We are currently the biggest junkies and it’s time to pull out the needles and throw away the silver spoons. OPEC continues to play games of supply and demand price gouging, driving the price of oil ever upwards: while the World’s addicts scheme and fight over scoring the carefully measured drops of toxin released by the slave-masters. Sure, the World’s governments talk rhetoric about the needs to fix the problem while all they really are accomplishing is sitting around playing liars poker. Drilling in ANWAR, electric cars, carpooling, federally imposed higher mpg ratings of manufacturers, cleaner burning coal, etc. are no more than a rub and will not solve the problem. They might feel good at the moment but each is no better than handing out methadone to a junky. They will not cure the problem and are nothing more than a quick-fix. Nor will Prohibition work as a cure. The World as well as this country is an addict that needs energy, to the excess! The answers will only be found by transferring our addiction to a source of energy we control. That is probably flex fuels. A very cheap possibility of replacement was kicked around and discarded through negligence of duty by our countries leadership and our laissez-faire how-to-acquire attitude, commonly displayed by junkies. Though methanol, a relatively inexpensive and easily created product, has been used by the racing industry for decades the Dem. &Rep. controlled government has kept us doped up on big oil’s heroin and never really gave serious exploration, outside of California, to the product. Now we are kicking around ethanol a much more expensive process. Fine, one thing about our market, if it can be produced it can be mass-produced. That drives the market price down. I personally do not care whether it is ethanol, methanol, corn-squeezins, etc. as long as we move our addiction into a market we control by our standards using an adaptable flex-fuel vehicle. Rather than harp on all the methadone movements, let us influence the transportation industry and its satellites into a flex-fuel world where we own the bats and balls and can control our own destiny! Heck I might even start searching for grandpappy’s old hooch recipe. No matter the final choice I agree with the Robert Zurbin perception that our independence follows our ability to wean ourselves away from the toxic teats of OPEC and the Hugo Chavez’s of the world. That time is now.



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