Posted by: thescoundrel | December 12, 2007

Chicago Cubs Reportedly set to Sign Kosuke Fukudome

On a subject much more important than the POTUS and other political considerations, word has been released that the Chicago Cubs have reached a tentative contract agreement with Japanese star outfielder Kosuke Fukudome. Fukudome, one of the most highly sought offseason pursuits by several teams, has been kicking around the decision on whether or not he was even coming to the US for a lengthy time. He announced his decision to come to the US and his apparent signing with the Cubs in roughly a twenty-four hour period. I am hoping for the best, but signing big name free agents can be a bust as well as a boon. Included in this signing is the reality of an addition of a player that has never played in the US Barnum and Bailey Baseball Circus. Hopefully the culture shock will be minimal. The contract is estimated to be 48-50 million dollars for a four-year period. Though in my estimation Cubs GM, Jim Hendry, is still a lousy horsetrader, he has at least signed highly regarded free agents in back to back seasons in a multi-million dollars spending spree. Hopefully Fukudome will turn out to be one of the missing puzzle pieces the Cubs need to make it to the World Series. The fact that 2008 season will happen to be the 100th anniversary of the last time the Cubs won the World Series figures to be at least partially behind the Cubs spending sprees the last two offseasons. It looks as if the Chicago Tribune is trying to make good on their original purchasing claim of making the team in to a winner – just before they sell it off.



  1. This makes me feel very similar to last winter with Soriano. While I am happy the Cubs got a top notch player, I don’t know if it really fills their needs and they certainly overpaid.

    I really hope the Cubs can pull it together this year.

  2. I am not sure they have answered their needs either. Still, if Fukudomes bat stays similar to his Japan performance, he will be a big offensive boost. One of the teams biggest weaknesses last season was against LH pitchers. I am guessing that management is counting on a healthy D Lee resurgence as the biggest part of that problem. The key to the season could be a healthy D Lee but I also think they are hoping for a breakout season from Pie, as they traded Jones for a song and a dance.

  3. In an unconnected move the Cubs have released former star-yet-often-injured pitcher Mark Prior. The team and Prior could not come to a contractual agreement so the team has released him. He was not expected to be available until May at the earliest. It is too bad that they could not come to some sort of extension but my guess is that Prior just wanted to move along to another team.

  4. I have always felt that the Cubs should keep Prior and Wood as long as they aren’t counting on them to be the main two guys like they were a few years ago. And along with that, I didn’t think they should go tanking too much money into them. And I think that’s what happened with Prior. He was making (and I would assume demanding) more money than he’s worth. I would hate to see him finally come back and pitch well with another team, but thats a risk worth taking. Aside from his 2003 season, I think he has like a 24-23 lifetime record.

    Though I think they dumped too much money to keep Wood. But I think that is a result of the premium that must be payed to get any kind of quality relief pitching.

  5. There is literally too much money in the game for players and owners. No player or owner is worth the kinds of money made off the game. That is why there is such rampant steroid usage. The money spent demands high octane performance.

  6. Yeah, its definitely a hard line to walk. Every time I start to bitch about players making too much money for just playing sports, I realize that the owners are making 100 times more. I guess at least this way the wealth gets spread around a little bit.

  7. Ya know I like to play the lottery and like most people I always want to win the big pot. But whenever I think about the money I always ask myself what would I do with the cash if I did win it. Professional sports players and owners have hit the jackpot. Look what it does to them. They waste the money on expensive luxuries they do not need, they gamble it away, they get caught up in illegal narcotics and the rest of the time they are paranoid about how they are going to stay excessively wealthy. I have always hoped if I actually came in to such obscene amounts of money that I would have the good sense to put away enough to last my lifetime because I know that if I had that kind of money I would be donating it away because I do not get excited about what most people call luxuries. I do not want the headaches that go with it. I come from a poverty background and know several people that are wealthy and I do not understand why they feel the need to own some of the things they purchase. When I was very young kid growing up there were times when we had 2 or 3 of our families living in the same size house each one of our families now live in. Yet one couple I know built this huge mansion out in the middle of the country, they have no children and the house they built is about the size of a small hotel. It is their money so I figure that is their business but I would consider it wasteful. Too much money makes you do strange things.

  8. […] thescoundrel wrote a fantastic post today on “Chicago Cubs Reportedly set to Sign Kosuke Fukudome”Here’s ONLY a quick extractOn a subject much more important than the POTUS and other political considerations, word has been released that the Chicago Cubs have reached a tentative contract agreement with Japanese star outfielder Kosuke Fukudome. … […]

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