Posted by: thescoundrel | December 17, 2007

Blood on the Sheets – A Tragedy in the Making?

Caution the following story deals with adult subjects. It seems, thanks to medical science, women can now have their cake and eat it to. Like men they can finally go out and live life in the fast lane and no one need ever know. Here is the story in short form. Innocent Muslim girl lives in UK with strictly religious family. She grows up along side of fun seeking UK teens. Innocent Muslim girl sneaks out and has fun with other UK teens and like the lifestyle. The young girl decides to attend a college away from parents’ scrutiny. While at college young girl gets even more attracted to her friends material lifestyle. Young girl dates several young men, meets one she likes a lot gets drunk, loses virginity, finds out sex is pleasurable, breaks up with boyfriend and decides she enjoys the unrestrictive Western lifestyle and has other lovers. Girl graduates, moves back home with strict parents and feels constrained. Moves to London for great job. Meets young man likes him moves in with him and lives with same man for two years. The couple breaks up girl moves back home with mom and dad for solace. Girl gets reacquainted with Muslim teachings. Mom and Dad find prospective husband in Pakistan and arranges marriage. Girl travels to meet future rich husband and family who conscribe to conservative Muslim beliefs including the expectations of virgin blood being spilt on the wedding night. Girl returns home and thinks Oops! Girl worries that the wedding night could bring untold shame down on her family. She also worries about other possible effects including her losing her life through an honor killing committed by a possibly shamed member of her family. The future looks gloomy. Girl consults plastic surgeon that comes to the rescue with an answer called hymenoplasties, where the surgeon recreates the virginal image by surgically constructing a new hymen from other tissue for a healthy fee. The surgeon can even insert a blood filled capsule designed to imitate the expected wedding night blood loss. Virginity restored – case solved, or is it? I really hope the story works out for the girl; I have my doubts. She is certainly not receiving any love from the comments section of the Daily Mail’s site. She is surely caught between a culture clash where any move or misspoken word she makes can spell disaster. The story does not approach possible mental anguish aspects for the young lady. Nor does it consider what if hubby finds out about the deception. There was also no mention made about any possible lifelong social presents that might have been previously shared. Those could be hard to explain away. This sounds like a novel in waiting for some would be author. It is certainly a dramatic tale of conflicting sexual practice expectations and cultural values. Though in my opinion it sounds more like a tragedy than a love story. For the full story go here, it is a sad but interesting read.



  1. Hymen repair surgeries are not unheard of in countries where “honor” killings take place. There are several hospitals in Jordan, for example, that quietly perform them.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  2. From my reading of the article I assume you are correct. However, I guess I am not sure which bothers me more, the fact that the woman has to go through this charade to be accepted back into society or that anyone would even consider killing a young woman such as the one in the story, for her mentioned transgressions, as an “Honor killing”. I do not see any honor there, only tragedy.

  3. This is a bad situation all right, mostly because it’s just not about being embarrassed because you’re not a virgin, it’s about the possiblity of being murdered because of it.

    This is a tough thing for Westerners to understand, but I was thinking if it was me, I would probably take the path of least resistence and just look for a guy whose family and whose values were similar to mine.

    Reconstructing a hymen seems like a lot of bother, and her past could come back to haunt her anyway—-what if the previous guy suddenly appears and spills the beans on their shacking up situation? Yikes! I couldn’t stand looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life—-I’d just try to find a more modern guy.

  4. I agree QCEx. It would worry me a lot since I assume she is moving to live in a society that tolerates the policy as a hidden practice. Not to mention there is always the prospect of facing blackmail events from people knowing her past. I see more chance for tragedy than I do success.

  5. this tradition is fast fading. Not everyone does it.

    Also it is a tradition amongst the asian community.

    Islam does not allow it. it is against the law of it. What goes on in a couples bedroom life is their business.

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