Posted by: thescoundrel | December 17, 2007

Misadventures of theScoundrel and Another Unusual Look at Politicians

Wow you can’t beat this, two posts in one reading! A theScoundrel holiday special!

To quote my favorite philosopher, Jed Clampett, “Well Doggies” readers, it was a long afternoon for theScoundrel. It was quite an adventure. I will only say that a still partially visual impaired scoundrel roaming around a very busy bookstore during Christmas season is a lot like turning a bull loose in a china shop. Dangerous! I do hope that God and Santa are not holding any grudges or ill will for that two foot book on Exodus that my feet got tangled up with. I am sorry that I kicked it across the room from the religion section into the history section. But it was not in my vision until after it took flight. Oops, probably means no Hillary nutcrackers in my stocking hanging by the chimney to dry! Sigh!

At least my night went a lot better. Those readers who have been hanging around my blog for some time might remember my post from March where I talked and linked to some more unusual past POTUS candidates. As I was bloghopping Sunday night looking for a cheap thrill to cheer up from the earlier disaster, I ran across a similar post over on elfninosmom’s blog. The blog was talking of some of the unusual candidates that have declared for POTUS this time. The names were actually taken from a more complete list over on thprofessorspresidentialpreview site, where you will find a more complete list. So far the site has only made it through the Independent and Democrat candidates but is working on the Republican options also. WOW was I surprised there were so many choices other than the current media darlings. If the media is going to have a real debate they are going to need a lot more podiums (one estimation stated over 200 candidates running). Oh My, Choices!!! I was surprised to see that Big Al Hamburg was going to make another run on the Democrat ticket. Heck I thought he was dead. Maybe he is but his body just ain’t figured it out yet. Independent candidate Jonathan “The Impaler” Sharkey caught my eye for a moment but the candidate who has really turned my head is Democrat candidate Lee Mercer. I cannot believe he did not get debate time considering his stated crime solving abilities. Batman ain’t got nothing on this guy. He claims to have solved every crime dating back to before the time of Jesus! Now that is a true crimefighter icon! I think he could steal some votes from John Edwards. Where Edwards has his two Americas; Mercer has his two American Governments story! But you have to read his site to truly appreciate all this man brings to the POTUS table. I recommend you take a moment and research some or all of these candidates as the site also includes links to each of the candidate’s sites – if the short summary available does not offer you up enough information. Sadly some of the candidates seem to have fallen to the wayside or at least their campaign links have. Better visit them while they are still up and you can decide. You might find a winner! Or Not. Many are Interesting Reading and as QCExaminer is so fond of saying; you can’t make this stuff up. Reality is much more entertaining than fiction! Now I gotta figure if I owe some penance for kicking that Exodus book. Anybody an expert on this type of faux paux? Flogging is out of the question. Maybe I will at least still get the Ann Coulter talking doll. Maybe??



  1. I got distracted by your POTUS thing and forgot to ask about what you bought at the bookstore (if anything).

    I could (and have) spend the whole day browsing at Borders or B & N.

    I’m currently reading”The Reagan Diaries” edited by Douglas Brinkley. I didn’t know if I really wanted to read this or not, since Brinkley was the author of that lame John Kerry campaign biography, but the Reagan book is great. I’m not a Reagan groupie, and frankly I didn’t follow politics that closely in the ’80s, since I was busy with other things but Brinkley did a great job on this project.

    So far, I’ve only read the diary entries for ’81 and ’82, and it is both comforting and distressing to see that not much has changed in 25 years.

    But that’s what I love about history!

  2. I didn’t purchase anything. My chauffeur was purchasing some kids books while checking out some computer books. I actually felt lucky I wasn’t run out of the store on a rail as objects kept colliding with my foot. Fortunately no live animals were injured during the filming of this production. Though a few books did take a beating with the assistance of my number 12’s. I was not exactly sorry I did not purchase anything (my vision was giving me to much trouble to do much book shopping, whenever I enter a store my eye acts up) as the Borders line was all the way back to the History books department. I did see a book I was interested in, I think it was called “Lies your history teacher taught you” or something similar. It was just too much trouble to read the introduction at the time.

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