Posted by: thescoundrel | December 28, 2007

Bhutto Assassination Continues to Evolve

In the short time period since the assassination of former Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto the information surrounding the death has already changed into three different stories. The first story was that she was killed by an assassins bullet right before he detonated a suicide bomb. The second story that evolved was that Bhutto was killed by shrapnel from the bombs explosion hitting her head. Some of the reads I have seen explaining that scenario were rather gruesome. The latest explanation is a circumstance of events where she hit her head on the sunroof lever of the vehicle she was riding in. The injury was caused by the force of the concussion from the explosion propelling Bhutto into the lever while she was attempting to avoid the attack. The current theory is supposedly the head trauma caused from Bhutto hitting her head was the actual cause of death. Bhutto has been buried and it does not seem that there will be an autopsy unless the family requests it as that is the cultural custom.

There are also reports that Al-Qaeda had claimed responsibility for the killing. Supposedly the number two leader in Al-Qaeda ordered her death back in October. Plus it is widely accepted that Al-Qaeda operatives have infiltrated deep into the Pakistani military. The military was also in charge of her protection. That makes for plenty of opportunity for assassination and conspiracy theory! Nothing really surprising in any of the Al-Qaeda suggested ties.

With the stories continuing to evolve this murder has already taken on a mythological theme. Whether or not they do an autopsy, the assassination is already creating the paths for numerous speculations and finger-pointing opportunities. It does not matter whether the facts are uncovered or not this murder is already taking on the form of the JFK assasination mythology: how was she really killed, what information did the doctors know or hide, and who were the conspirators in the death. These types of events grow and build upon rumor and conspiracy theory. Forty years from now it is highly probable that many myths and tales will surround the death of Bhutto as they currently do with the Kennedy assassination. And it is highly probable that we will know no more about her death than we do in these last twenty-four hours.



  1. i am glad someone else caught the “evolving story”

    she wasn’t murdered if she just …. “boomped er ed” bumped her head.

    It was her fault for overreacting and the ole duck and cover got her right on the noggin.

    The MSM spoons out the variations of lies…. puts new sugar coating on each new tale… “oh… would you like some more sugar?”

    And the blithering idiot public says… “oh yes.. why thank you”

  2. It always struck me that she was constantly puting herself in these situations. I mean seriously she was hanging out the top of her armor plated car. What is the point of an armor plated car when you aren’t actually sitting inside of it.

  3. Yeah and it sounds like they are working on a Pakistani version of the Zapruder Film.

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