Posted by: thescoundrel | December 28, 2007

Bhutto Tragedy Ends Destiny

I was following the Benazir Bhutto tragedy on the news Thursday.  One individual reported that Bhutto had felt that after the October attack, which missed her while killing 120 others, her destiny would not allow her to be killed and also believed that true Muslims would not kill a woman. I guess I have to wonder which modern world she was living in, as suicide bombings over the years have proved that they recognize no gender bias when it comes to claiming victims. The killer exterminated the life of Bhutto and many more of her supporters. The tragedy’s tendrils of death and destruction have reached into many Pakistani homes. And it is very possible that even more chaos could grow from this misfortune. If there is one lesson that history continues to teach us – it is that no matter how much protection you might have, if an assassin is determined, especially if they are willing to risk their life, there is no way to be absolutely safe from an passionate slayer. The question is, will her death stop her mission or will her vision live on?



  1. Bhutto would assert that her destiny moves forward despite the loss of her life. She knew the outcome of her being shot was a probability. BUT, the drive to speak freely while one still has a voice to do so was apparently much stronger than her fear of reprisal. She “represented” the courage many have but do have not the soap box or the voice upon which to stand and declare one’s inalienable right to be free. I would equate our life experience with her much like that of Patrick Henry whose one life was lived in the hope his country would be free from tyranny. The measure or affect her influence will play will be long in coming. In the meantime, the delusional, the disenfranchised, the wounded, and the angry will make a far greater sound; leaving us with the impression all hell is breaking loose. BUT, freedom and liberty, like lovers just wait for all the silliness to end so that they might be embraced.

    Author of IM with God

  2. I have no doubt that her movement will move forward. The part to watch and that will be debated is the directions the movement takes from here. No two leaders have the same exact line of vision. No likely successors will have the same exact vision of leadership. Each likely successor will have their own followers they are loyal to. Will the movement splinter into several directions and how will the movement survive the possible splinters. The movement could strengthen or weaken as rank and file jockey for position in the new order. None of these questions can be answered in the short term. The only surety is that with Bhuttos death her control and path choices have ended. Her legacy will continue but as it ages that legacy will change through story telling and it take on a life of its own separate though possibly parallel to her original movement.

  3. Real historians pay little attention to the legacies of which you speak. They know these kinds of legacies have long been the outcomes of historical fantasy. For instance, pharoahs were notorious for etching falsehoods onto stone so what others would say of them would be in terms of greatness and strength…it is only until we unearth the real truth about just the opposite do we come to appreciate the value of what a nation can say about its leaders well after they have all passed on.

    Pakistan and the other nations in this region have never known complete stability…And, to think their soil is ripe for democracy is to believe the relative quiet we have in Iraq will last.

  4. I can’t argue with what you say. But I am a realist and not a big believer in truth in describing events or individuals. Trying to apply “truth” to portray individuals or events is basically a misnomer. I believe in facts and reality, but facts and reality can be distorted for good or bad, especially when dealing with historical individuals or events. The very definitions of historical events are ever changing. What is often accepted as fact about an individual or episode evolves as the distance between then and now expands. Whichever historian/s are in vogue gets the final say in how history is colored during generational conversions. Very often in the case of individuals or events that have created or been involved in historical episodes of great passion – the myth overtakes the reality. Once combined it becomes impossible to tell the reality from the myth leaving only conjecture and speculation. Which is why I am not an advocate of truth.

    As to democracy, is any country really ready for democracy? It is a lot like having children there is no right time or right way to overcome the birthing and raising pains that last until death. It is tough on the ego when the real responsibility belongs to the whole country and not just a self appointed leader. People tend to look for someone to blame for problems when the place to look for the answer for the blame was always in the mirror. We have been at it here in the USA for over 200 years, including a bloody revolutionary war, a very bloody civil war, joined the world in two bloody World Wars, plus several smaller wars and conflicts, recurrent US National strife, bloody riots and culture clashes and we still argue about what defines democracy. The best anyone can hope for is peaceful coexistent compromise through acceptance of cultural divergences. When that fails it is up to those with cooler heads to step in and negotiate away the hostilities.

  5. Unearthing a truth, for me at least, means disolving the illusions we maintain to explain what we think life has been all about. Truth is not something that can be molded or shaped or fashioned…it simply lives despite our wish to experience its death. Many believe freedom to be not free….I would say the contrary…It is free…But, because of our abuse riddled family issues and histories, we have taught ourselves we just don’t believe ourselves worthy enough to embrace it.

    We could debate for ions about whether this country is a democracy or a constitutional republic. But, the facts would still remain each person, regardless of what an organized governing body or any form of authority would deem for its citizenry, (each person) has the “inalienable rights” so recognized brilliantly by Jefferson and his group of independent-minded men (and perhaps a few women).

    You are so right when you stated, “people look for someone to blame for (their) problems when the place to look for the answer…was in the mirror.” This defines the delusion most every body has learned to bathe in each and every night before they go to bed….to only clothe themselves with each and every morning to start their day. We have taught ourselves “others” to be source of our happiness…and (unfortunately) our grief.

    While the sound of what seems utter kaos appears a prominent voice in this world, the persistent and perpetual motion of our innovation on inspiration and invention still brings us to even the simplest places of accomplishment.

    We are quite a marvelous creation…It’s only what we THINK ourselves to be that screws us up.

  6. I do not disagree with what you say. I just do not believe that we are capable as individuals or as a group of dissolving the layers of historical myth away from the historical reality. They are too finely intertwined. When you look at history in the current it is stroked with the passion of the moment. When you look at history from the distant, the passion has already set the brush strokes and recreated the masterpiece. You cannot even really clean away the myth that has attached itself to the original creation without damaging the reality that was the base for the painting. And if you try you are not really all that different from the original mythmakers as there is no way to not include your own interpretation to the brush strokes you are removing. Perhaps the myths are just easier to live with. I do not know. But I do find your assessments accurate. (LOL I just have trouble using the word truth or truthful in a sentence.) We are creatures of our environment and of our minds’ limits.

  7. I remember when she came back to Pakistan. I told my wife that I would lay 7:5 that she would get whacked before the election. Sadly, I was right.


  8. “I just do not believe that we are capable as individuals or as a group of dissolving the layers of historical myth away from the historical reality.”

    Oh my friend, we are more than capable…we simply choose not to. Why? We would become happy…and Lord…that would be a real mess now…Wouldn’t it?

    In my new book, IM with God, I assert that in bits and pieces, at our own choosing, we peel away a piece or portion of the layer of our illusion to discover something about what is real, honest and good about ourselves. We hold on to the beauty of such a discovery for a minute or two and then retreat into another version of our delusion.

    We love the haze we have created to prevent us from truly being happy. In fact, many of us believe (in various forms and versions) happiness is nothing without some measure of pain and suffering staining it. What is presently occuring in Pakistan is a prime example of century old lessons of pity, pain and suffering being “about as happy as they will ever be….

    In Christian circles, “the saved” experience of peace and wholeness MUST have the stain of a crucified body in order to know wholeness. After all, (said with tongue in cheek) God would not simply want us to JUST happy.

    Eventually, as we grow older, the effort to hold on to such delusion ceases to be important. The need to love increases…and the will to remain within the confines of a limited view of what life truly is decreases…

    Author of IM with God

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