Posted by: thescoundrel | January 2, 2008

The Dark Horse Candidate for Vice President?

In what must be a certain ploy to push some personal political agenda it seems that a Dark Horse wannabe has been flying under Big Medias radar screen and cozying up to both Democrat and Republican Party candidates in Iowa! No I am not talking about Michael Bloomberg or even Marilyn Chambers making a political run again!

It seems that Mr. Potato Head has been seen rubbing elbows and having his picture taken with the potential POTUS candidates. You have to wonder if it is some sneaky plot to put potatoes on some PETA like protected list, thus spoiling my daily consumption of potatoes. Could this plot mean no more Freedom Fries available when I visit my favorite fast food joints, no more breakfast with piles of crispy hash browns lying provocatively next to stacks of aromatic slices of sausage and over-easy fried eggs with the busted yolks intermixing with my tasty crispy taters, no more mashed potatoes covered in creamy gravy along side my slab of ham. More likely it is perhaps a devious plot to put a spud in the White House as one of the candidates potential Vice President. The next step could be insurrection by potatoes across the country demanding more rights and acceptance into important government and business positions. I am sure our Congress will soon be looking in to this devious plot. The will be setting up committees investigating Mr. Potato Head’s motives, passing legislation and demanding access to all the Hasbro records with Washington lobbyists. Sure it will take years and billions upon billions of dollars to find out this sneaky potatoes ugly intentions! But our Congress needs to justify their jobs and prove their ability to govern. After all it is not like they have anything else to do.


  1. Very funny post.


  2. What a hoot!

    I’m sure our political class will make a “hash” of it. 😀

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