Posted by: thescoundrel | January 5, 2008

The Deranged are Always with Us

I have been following some posts on Prof. Art Pitz’s Blog, Historian on the Move. One of his discussions involved John F. Kennedy’s handling of some events during his Presidency. I think most, though not all, USAmericans have a positive view of his presidency. I know that for the most part, though like most of mankind he managed to fall on his ass at times, I think he was a strong president for the short time he was in office.

About the same time I was following the post I had a tedious holiday visit with a family member that has fallen prey to the Bush Derangement Syndrome. The current hatred exchanged by the modern day Republican and Democrat political parties, much of it aimed at Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, has created both the Bush Derangement Syndrome and a similar Bill Clinton Derangement Syndrome. Although I have to admit, some of the Bush Deranged Individual articles I have ran across are much more vicious, sometimes to the point of suggested violence. I was considering these Derangement Syndromes as I was listening to my relative rant on Bush’s Guantanamo Bay detention center all the while praising FDR’s handling of WW2, but not wanting to talk about his interment of Japanese-American Citizens. And as listening to the zealous Bush rant started to give me the usual headache, it reminded me of some other hate-filled information distributed in the 60’s I was reading not long after I started spending time on the Internet. This allowed me to distract my mind while the rant wound down.

One great thing about the Internet is the ability to link from connecting article to article as you are reading the posts. One such linkage was about the times leading up to the time of the JFK assassination. It seems that there are always the deranged among us for like Bush he had the more violent detractors during his time in office. I suppose we could call them the Kennedy Deranged personalities. It is too bad that we do not learn from out past experiences and so many people still allow their passions to push them past the point of reason. The following from is one of the more fascinating yet horrifyingly morbid mind-bending pieces I ran across in my Internet travels:

A Handbill circulated on November 21, 1963 in Dallas Texas

kennedy poster

...A comparable incident was the appearance of the “Wanted for Treason” handbill on the streets of Dallas 1 to 2 days before President Kennedy’s arrival. These handbills bore a reproduction of a front and profile photograph of the President and set forth a series of inflammatory charges against him.490 Efforts to locate the author and the lithography printer of the handbill at first met with evasive responses 491 and refusals to furnish information.492 Robert A. Surrey was eventually identified as the author of the handbill.493 Surrey, a 38-year- old printing salesman employed by Johnson Printing Co. of Dallas, Tex., has been closely associated with General Walker for several years in his political and business activities.494 He is president of American Eagle Publishing Co. of Dallas, in which he is a partner with General Walker.495 Its office and address is the post office box of Johnson Printing Co. Its assets consist of cash and various printed materials composed chiefly of General Walker’s political and promotional literature, 496 all of which is storm at General Walker’s headquarters.497

Surrey prepared the text for the handbill and apparently used Johnson Printing Co. facilities to set the type and print a proof.498 Surrey induced Klause, a salesman employed by Lettercraft Printing Co. of Dallas,499 whom Surrey had met when both were employed at Johnson Printing Co.,500 to print the handbill “on the side.” 501 According to Klause, Surrey contacted him initially approximately 2 or 2 1/2 weeks prior to November 22.502 About a week prior to November 22, Surrey delivered to Klause two slick paper magazine prints of photographs of a front view and profile of President Kennedy,503 together with the textual page proof.504 Klause was unable to make the photographic negative of the prints needed to prepare the photographic printing plate,505 so that he had this feature of the job done at a local shop.506 Klause then arranged the halftone front and profile representations of President Kennedy at the top of the textual material he had received from Surrey so as to simulate a “man wanted” police placard. He then made a photographic printing plate of the picture.507 During the night, he and his wife surreptitiously printed approximately 5,000 copies on Lettercraft Printing Co. offset printing equipment without the knowledge of his employers.508 The next day he arranged with Surrey a meeting place, and delivered the handbills.509 Klause’s charge for the printing of the handbills was, including expenses, $60.510

At the outset of the investigation Klause stated to Federal agents that he did not know the name of his customer, whom he incorrectly described; 511 he did say, however, that the customer did not resemble either Oswald or Ruby.512 Shortly before he appeared before the Commission, Klause disclosed Surrey’s identity.513 He explained that no record of the transaction had been made because “he saw a chance to make a few dollars on the side.” 514

Klause’s testimony receives some corroboration from Bernard Weissman’s testimony that he saw a copy of one of the “Wanted for Treason” handbills on the floor of General Walker’s station wagon shortly after November 22.515 Other details of the manner in which the handbills were printed have also been verified.516 Moreover, Weissman testified that neither he nor any of his associates had anything to do with the handbill or were ,acquainted with Surrey, Klause, Lettercraft Printing Co., or Johnson Printing Co. 517 Klause and Surrey, as well as General Walker, testified that they were unacquainted with Lee Harvey Oswald and had not heard of him prior to the afternoon of November 22.518 The Commission has found no evidence of any connection between those responsible for the handbill and Lee Harvey Oswald or the assassination.


  1. I enjoyed reading your material. Thanks !

  2. So true. Anyone with any knowledge of history can tell you the BDS didn’t start with Bush, or even Clinton.

    The new(ish) Lincoln museum in Springfield has a whole long gallery of nothing but Lincoln Derangement Syndrome artifacts.

    After Obama’s win in Iowa, some lefty blogger did a post about his fear that some crazed white wingnut cracker would assassinate Obama before he even got a chance to finish his run. This assassination theme was also mentioned in a NYTimes article yesterday about what blacks thought of Obama’s rise to national prominence—-launched in a bigoted, racist state like Iowa, no less. Sheesh! I was gonna blog about that article, but it just PO’d me too much, and I’m trying to keep rants at a minimum.

    One final disjointed comment here; you mention the hatemongering about JFK, and many people think his murder saved his reputation, that if he had gone the whole 4 or 8 years, history would have a different, more unflattering, view of him.

    So, speaking of fear of assassination and the possible change in history, I just now read about Bush going to the middle east this week. The jihadists are already licking their bombs and issuing threats. I’d love to know who promoted Bush’s visit to this seething cauldron of hate, chaos and murder? In my view, it will be a miracle if he can get in and out of there alive.

    It seems like a REALLY bad decision to me—those people are crazy over there and will stop at nothing to bump off the Head Crusader.

    PS: Sorry about the incoherency here—it’s just one of those days!

  3. Nice rant! All true. And though I am not supporting Obama, as candidates go, he seems like a very likable individual. More so than your typical politician. I have actually worried about the same thing on Obama. There are still a lot of crazies out there that capable of committing this type of horror. Too many to keep track of. Plus the ones that you have to worry about the most are the John Hinkley types, that fly under th radar, out looking to make an image for themselves.

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