Posted by: thescoundrel | January 6, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Debate

I along with a couple of others people I know watched the Saturday night NH Democrat and Republican Debates. ABC television managed to hold the two best debates of the whole 2008 primary campaign to date. The first half of each debate allowed the contestants to actually discuss the issues and elucidate their points more than they were able in the previous debates. It did not sound like the normal rehearsed commercial sound bytes of the previous debates. I did not see anything in either debate that has changed my mind but the Democrat debate did amuse me at the beginning.

A funny thing happened on the way to the debate for the Democrat candidates. When the question about dealing with terrorists was put to them, they all spread on their war paint and transformed into George Bush 2. It was difficult for me to discern the mood created on the 20 plus year Democrat that was also watching the transformation. A point was brought out that I have been talking about for forever, the next terrorist attack is not going to come from a country but from a group like Al Qaeda that is hiding inside another country. Just like 9-11. All the candidates at that point were going to listen to their intelligence agencies then declare war on the offending country harboring the terrorists. Gee that sounds familar. Oh yeah that is what Bush did in Afghanistan and Iraq. They were all also ready to invade Pakistan because our intelligence suggests that Bin Laden is probably hiding out there. And they are all ready to depose the current leader of Pakistan because he is not doing enough in the War on terrorism that current Democrat campaign keeps ridiculing. It seems that they are dissatisfied with the results the Pakistani Prez is having with all those greenbacks we have given him to fight the War on terror. Gee Whiz Ma, I agree with them on that, he is doing a crappy job, but I am not ready to invade or send unapproved bombs into a country that we do know has nuclear capability and that is at least semi-tolerant towards this country. Nor does it seem they listen to their own rhetoric about deposing a leader of a country because we disagree with his politics. Cut off his money, not a bad idea if we cannot get him to move his buttocks in gear. However I do think we should have learned our lessons in Vietnam (JFK), Iran (Jimmy Carter and Eisenhower, actually in Iran’s case just pick a president and they probably have had a hand in messing with Iran’s government since that country was created) and Iraq (George Bush 1 & 2) on removing or helping to remove leaders where we do not have the ability or will to control the results following that removal. While killing or deposing the leader of those countries may or may not have been the moral option, they certainly did not work out like we had hoped they would. Of course hindsight is always 20/20. Heck, good or bad, the Democrat candidates have not even been elected president and they are already sounding like Bush on dealing with the War on Terror. Maybe they should just throw a dart and invade where it lands.



  1. Enjoyed your post. We are living in tricky times. The fact is that no one, Republican or Democrat, has all the answers right now.

    My hope is that whoever is the next prez will be a unifer who will bring the center of this country together so that we can begin to move forward again.

    If not, there’s always your dart suggestion…

  2. I agree that invading a country is probably not the best way to deal with the threat posed by a terrorist group that is hiding out in that country, but why are you only criticizing Democrats for talking that way? All the Republican candidates (except possibly Ron Paul) talk that way also.

  3. I only saw about the last 30 minutes of the GOP debate and watched the Dem debate off and on until the Iraq question came up. I already knew what the Dems would say—it would be based on ’04 information and opinions; the surge never happened, huh uh, no way—that’s wingnut fantasy, etc. Whatever.

    Like you, I also noticed that the Dems were parroting the Bush Doctrine, and I loved it when Gibson called them on it, and everyone started spinning away! What a hoot!

    I also agree that this was probably the best “debate” ever. I have ranted several times on QCE about how these events are usually more about the “moderators” and “journalists” than they are about the candidates, the party interests and issues. But still, better late than never, no?

    OT: I like your new theme. The autumn leaves thing was pretty, but discombobulating because it was out of season. Is the “main street” photo someplace local, or did you take this theme off the wordpress offerings?

  4. Thanks Tj welcome to the board. I do not disagree, and in fact embrace, with your assessment that no one individual has all the answers. That is probably my biggest problem with Bush. He does not play well with others that are on the same team. But as it seems more and more people are understanding hearing people wanting change in both parties, not playing like a team is the product we are getting out of Washington across the board. Washington has forgotten they are not just elected individual parties, but a group of employees that should be working as a team to make this country great.

    Dave I am not saying they were wrong or right (reread next to last sentence of my post): I am saying their stated reaction was the same reaction Bush had following 9-11. Their stated reaction was to address the threat with the best information that had available and then react with passion. It is not necessarily right or wrong and it takes years of distancing oneself from the event to have an objective view. Which is what I have been saying from the start of all the Bush bashing frenzy that has helped create the current Bush Derangement Syndrome. Given the series of events and listening to the Democrat candidates last night has showed that no matter how they or their followers spin it, they are little, if any, different than Bush when it comes to reacting to being attacked from a rogue element. They interpreted a danger and they stated how they would react, just like Bush did.

  5. I agree QCEx.
    The new theme I picked out to replace the Christmas theme. The design allows me to upload my own picture into the header. You mean you do not think that looks like first avenue Silvis? No? Oh well it does kind of look like (can’t think of the name of the street) the main drag running the Mississippi River in Port Byron. Probably even the same autos you will find parked in front of the businesses. But no it is not PB either. It is much further south and is probably a state secret or something. But I can tell you this, I was born there my 29+ years ago!

  6. OK, tease me if you like and don’t tell me where the photo was taken, but one thing I DO know is that if your parents were driving one of the cars shown in the photo, you are even older than I am! 😀

  7. ROFLMAO 😆

    I cannot even tell you how old that picture is. It has been collected up over the years with our other photos. (I don’t recall the original, it could be a post card for all I know.) I have been meaning to post a couple of the old postcards and pictures that has been uploaded to my computer, some are probably even older than this one looking at the individuals, their probable age, surroundings and clothing. I can tell you this, the last time I was in that town it wasn’t all that different in design. I cannot remember if the old Sinclair station was still there but most of the buildings on the left were very similar. I am not sure what that building is past the Sinclair station is but when I was a kid there was an indoor theater where that building was sitting. It could all be gone by now as i have not visited there in over a decade. Perhaps I will post some other old photos now and then, though I will not have much background on them.

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