Posted by: thescoundrel | January 10, 2008

Breaking Up Evidently Ain’t So Hard to Do as Edwards gets Dumped by Kerry

It is sad to see a couple breakup. No more long walks together holding hands. No more sweet-talking about each other as you gaze longingly into each other’s eyes, eagerly awaiting the momentous occasion of gratifying you lustful desires. But, sorry Neil Sedaka,  in this modern day world breaking up really is not all that hard to do. So we can all wipe our teary eyes as another loving couple bites the dust. Yes it seems that 2004 Presidential hopeful John Kerry has finally went from separation to a final divorce proceedings with the former 2004 political love of his life, John Edwards. It seems Kerry is kicking Edwards to the curb like an all used up vinyl doll and has set his sights on a new more contemporary love of his life that he is going to throw his 2008 support for President behind, Barack Obama. Sigh, love is so fleeting in this modern day world.

Meanwhile back at the OK Corral, the main gunfight continues as Barack Obama is retuning the fire of Bill Clinton. Clinton just peppered the media and Obama with buckshot for not press releasing the knowledge of what he claims are the Obama records that show Obama’s prewar stance were the mirror image of Hillary Clinton. Obama has let loose his own barrage of barbed projectiles claiming that Bill Clinton is taking liberties with Obama’s words defining his war stance. No! Say it isn’t so!! 🙄 You mean to tell me a politician or the media might take words out of context or twist the words to a meaning other than what they originally meant or whatever the original speaker now wants them to mean, whatever they meant before? I am just so shocked about these numerous deceitful possibilities I am almost speechless!!!


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