Posted by: thescoundrel | January 12, 2008

New Health Food Find!!

It is now official I was more intelligent as a kid than I am as an adult when it come to my choice of food consumption. We need to add to all the meat, grain, vegetable and government healthy food pyramid when trying to determine our dietary needs. Evidently we can even throw out the three, five or ten second rule when dropping important health foods like chocolate. I guess flax seed, fiber, yogurt etc. will become passé as health foods. According to an article I found on Yahoo! by Clara Moskowitz of Live Science the new health food is dirt! Plus the new health food is dirt cheap, literally, until manufacturers find away to repackage it and sell it for a huge profit. Think I am kidding? How many of you would have laughed at the thought of paying $4-5 for a case of water packaged in pretty plastic bottles several years back? Heck we will probably have dirt packaged in pills and capsules for those who do not want it in its natural form. Others will hawk the reason I should only be consuming their natural organic earth from some particular region of the planet as it offers up the best advantages for a healthier and longer life. The companies, advertising and marketing slogans must already be forming a line looking to trademark their products. Most likely the advertising will include a pretty naked young woman with her charms cleverly hidden from me, so as to allure me into buying their product to assure me of eternal youth and virility. MMMmmmMMM, I can almost taste that yummy health dirt now. Heck just thinking about all those health benefits I am soon to be sold makes me want to go out cruising for twenty-something sizzling hotties. Perhaps later, after I work the cricks out of my back! And I thought the Irish dirt-selling scheme was a brilliant idea. It looks insignificant to the potential of this idea.



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  3. If I have rocks in my head now, is that caused from all the mud pies I ate as a kid?


  4. Lmao! You was probably eating the wrong dirt. You probably needed a more gourmet mud pie. Of course since it seems someone is always smacking me alongside my head, like in the V8 commercials, I would rather be hardheaded than softheaded.

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  6. i remember watching a guinness world of records episode where they featured this old lady who ate nothing but dirt for several decades. she wasn’t the oldest, but pretty old and quite fit for her age still (she can walk a fair bit to get the kind of dirt she likes and is only available at that spot on earth near her home), so maybe dirt’s good! 😉

  7. A round of dirt for everyone!

  8. I guess if the health food giants picked up on this, kaolin clay would be an original flavour if they ever decide to package it.

  9. See my friend you already have the entrepreneurial spirit. There is nothing more satisfying that being able to take a shovel dig up a little bit of dirt, rocks, worms etc. then turn around and sell it to some city slicker for profit. Low investment, high margin. Yee haw!

  10. Eating everything you want is not that much fun. When you live a life with no boundaries, there’s less joy. If you can eat anything you want to, what’s the fun in eating anything you want to?

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