Posted by: thescoundrel | January 14, 2008

They Have All Flown Over The Cuckoos Nest

As late baseball announcer Harry Caray would say, Holy Cow! The tension created by the Republican and Democrat parties in this 2008 election has twisted so many people in knots they have lost all sense of reason! Take a lesson from literature and remember the importance of humor in creating a break in the action, while easing some tension and allowing the audience to take a breath and relax. Please at least take a dramatic pause of silence. Some of you need it. Over on the CNN political ticker they wrote a cute little story about some transportation problems the press corp had during their campaign trailing. Geesh, sorry for them having a life; but if you read the comments section to the story readers are raking them over the coals for not offering up some blood letting sacrificial story for them to tear each other apart over!!! Hey people it is alright to laugh and feel easy once in awhile. Life is not all about being a samurai warrior 24-7. Somebody cut off their caffeine NOW! Perhaps a round of electro-shock therapy, some Valium or maybe a bottle of Jack Daniels for them all, SOMETHING PLEASE, before they slaughter each other!!


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