Posted by: thescoundrel | January 15, 2008

Clinton and Obama Slug it Out Preparing for the Next Round

The last few days has seen some serious body blows thrown in the Democrat POTUS Campaign between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Rather than take Obama on face-to-face, Clinton has started having some of her supporters using drugs and civil rights like a pair of brass knucks to land some hard punches to the Obama image in an effort to secure a larger share of African-American votes. With Obama calling for a truce and wanting the candidates to sit in a Democratic circle singing kum-ba-ya, Clinton supporters Bob Jones and then Charlie Rangel both threw political kidney punches in an attempt to weaken the Obama visage among the black voting population. That was followed up by a direct attack on Obama’s tactics addressing him as the aggressor, by Hillary’s hubby – Bill Clinton, with a list claiming Obama has attacked poor weak Hillary 80 times in the campaign. I guess we will now see how effective the thrown Clinton Machine punches were in opening up the Obama defense and if Obama can mount a counterpunch attack to get off the ropes and back on the offensive. If I were in Obama’s shoes I would be watching out for a low blow when in the clenches with the Clintons. They are old school and despite Obama’s Chicago political connections he is still in the early learning stages of fighting in the Washington DC Big Top political ring.



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