Posted by: thescoundrel | January 16, 2008

Obama vs. Clinton the Secret Wars

It has been just a few days since Barack Obama was busy calling for a ceasefire between himself and Hillary Clinton in their political war of words, all the while members of Clinton secret police were busy sticking their politically poisoned Kriss Blades into the Obama Image. Tuesday night it seemed that the truce might actually be in effect at the Nevada debate. But there are truces and then there are negotiated ceasefires where one or both sides of the conflict rely on attrition from satellite sources to breakdown the enemy’s defense in a behind the scene game of secret warfare. Currently the latter is the case in the Clinton/Obama feud to be the Democrat representative for the next POTUS. The hope of course is that by using outside sources for the attack, plausible deniability exists when needed to distance the candidate from the more vitriol attacks. I personally love the sidebar “kill her character with civility approach” quote from the Hillary Attacks Obama Internet troops that went: Days since Senator Clinton promised that she was not interested in attacking Democrats, 67 –> Days Senator Clinton has spent attacking Democrats since that pledge, 63! Clinton, which according to an ABC, has multiple sites for her attacks, takes a different character combat mode. On the Hillary Is 44 site, (I also love the fact that though the Obama site is an anti Hillary site and the Hillary site is a pro Hillary site, both site names are evidently “all about Hillary”.) her Internet troops are already making use of the eventual tarnish that will fall on Obama from the upcoming Illinois vs. Rezko corruption trials link 1link 2. I think that it is inevitable that whether or not Obama has done anything wrong, some of the trials stink will rub off on him. But due to the late February start of the trial, if the Hillary camp is to take the fullest advantage of the possible notoriety for her POTUS process, they must take advantage of pretrial speculation. Of course information created through presumption and conjecture usually make for much juicer narrative and rumors than reality and details. In a way the Obama/Clinton, Me Good/You Bad – New Guard/Old Guard, warfare is kind of like a political Cold War all over again, on a lesser scale with radioactive words and innuendo acting as the nuclear warheads, and just as wickedly produced.


  1. Clinton and obama are having the most stupid war. And even if the war were still going on Hilary would win by a landslide

  2. It’s gotta be a tough situation for Obama and Hillary.

    Identity politics is predicated on the idea that white males have victimized blacks and women throughout history, and now each identity group must stand together to fight white guys.

    I’m sure no one is more astonished than Obama and Hillary to be in a situation where they are fighting each other and not The Man!

    As a pigment impaired person with two X chromosomes, (who will probably be voting for Obama in the primary) I gotta say, what a hoot, I love it! Obama and Hillary hoist by their own identity politics petard!

  3. The Obama/Clinton packs continue their pushing, shoving and word wars in Nevada.

    Also in the same article, are the Major Republican candidates sidestepping Nevada and offering Ron Paul an opening to win a state primary?


  5. That’s a powerful and damning website, Kim.

    Many of us have tried to push all of Bill’s sexual exploits (and exploited!) to the back of our minds, and the establishment press is unable to bring this up now because they will lose access to the already illusive Hillary. It also makes them look bad—two major media outlets killed this story for fear of the Clintons—Drudge broke the story 10 years ago yesterday.

    I was sorta on the fence about Hillary—some of her policies are not that offensive, but after reading your link Kim, she’s off my list!

    Here’s the link to Drudge’s Monica scoop.

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