Posted by: thescoundrel | January 16, 2008

The Sarah Connors Chronicles Debut

Sunday and Monday night I watched the two-part series beginning for “The Sarah Connors Chronicles” the Terminator Movie Series spin off. My current overview of the TV series, is it did not put me to sleep. Where’s the Beef? Perhaps I had overexpectations considering the three movies thrill factor but the TV series did not capture the magic of the movies. The first two episode were mostly setup for the rest of the series, I am hoping. Battlestar Gallactica has shown that quality science fiction drama can be brought to the television screen, but the first two nights of Sarah Connors, though adequate as an introduction, does not have the edgy feeling or look of Battlestar Gallactica. Forget the ordinary special effects, the story needs to make you sit on the edge of your seat if you are going to return to watch it over and over each week. I actually like the cast, but I thought the show lacked drama and the characters lacked character development association to the same characters in the movie. I didn’t feel the danger that should be around each corner as the chapters evolved. I did not see the fire in Sarah Connor’s soul and will to survive that was displayed in the movies, when she has to decide on whether to kill her old friend. Another of the problems is that they have given the cyborg character, played by Summer Glau, protecting the Connors family too much of a cutesy persona. She is almost emotional. That does not correlate with cyborgs in the movies. She needs less kindness and sympathetic nature. I did like her cold calculating decision that followed, Sarah Connors hesitation to act on cleaning up the friend who ratted them out. The scene where she killed the former family friend helped and displayed more of the expected cyborg actions from the movies. Perhaps it will get better, the second night episode was an improvement over the first night episode, but I am skeptical.



  1. E Online gave it a pretty good writeup. And it did have good ratings. My take was that if CBS’s Comanche Moon, the next Lonesome Dove Saga, had been scheduled opposite of the show instead of a time slot following Fox’s Sarah Connors opening, I probably would have flipped the TV over to Comanche Moon. The first two night of that miniseries has been very fascinating and far superior.

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