Posted by: thescoundrel | January 18, 2008

Illinois Legislators Surrenders State Sovereignty

The State of Illinois Legislature has said to its citizens: your freedom of thought and expression are meaningless. With their passage of bill HB1685 they have told Illinoisans you are incapable of making individual political decisions concerning your right to vote: so if the rest of the country wishes to jump off a bridge we require you to follow them in to the freezing water. Under this law we are not allowed the right to minority dissent and we must yield the power of our vote to the will of majority count. They are saying that the will and decisions of people from other states are more important in deciding how the State of Illinois decides to cast the votes that belong to Illinois, than the will of the very citizens of Illinois! The Illinois legislators are saying, we are going to disenfranchise the votes of Illinois citizens and we are giving those voting rights to people from other states, and those states will determine how the State of Illinois votes. They have voted to surrender the State of Illinois’ Right of Sovereignty.



  1. Here is an article from the WSJ :

  2. scoundrel,
    Judging from your comments I suspect that you don’t really understand what the bill does.

  3. What’s to understand, Dave? As stated in the Tribune piece: “the essence of hb1685 is that Illinois should cast all its Electoral College votes for the presidential candidate who has won the national popular vote, whether or not that candidate actually carried the popular vote in Illinois.” If they can get enough other states to jump on the bandwagon, this legislation will force the state to cast our state electoral votes for the candidate that has the most votes nationally, which may or may not necessarily be the candidate for whom the people of this state voted.

    They have just taken away control of our States Voting rights and surrendered that control to people whom do not live in this state. They have sold out the voters of this state!

  4. like I said…

  5. Does anybody know how to access the voting records of our IL legislators?

    I thought I had the website somewhere, but now I can’t find it.

    I’d love to find out how our wonderful local lawmakers voted on this little gem.

  6. I have read the bill Dave and read the pros and cons by supporters and detractors. No matter how it is spun it was a theft of the vote by Democrats and Republicans alike. One aspect of the legislation that I am sure the majority of Illinoisans – whom heavily voted for John Kerry – will cheer, is the analogy I read where had this bill been in effect in the 2004 election our electoral votes would have been placed in the totals for George Bush instead of Kerry’s.

    Here is the voting link QCEx.

  7. Thanks for the link—I’ll save it so I don’t have to go begging next time. 😀

    I see both Verschoore and Boland voted for it—no wonder Barrett is spinning like a top! 😀

  8. Yeah this is all about trashing the constitution over the 2000 election. My belief though, is it is also directly aimed at squelching third party candidacies. This is a dangerous path we are treading.

  9. ‘spinning like a top’ – huh?
    I don’t know why I bother. I must have too much time on my hands. Both of you, scoundrel and qce, look like idiots on this issue.

  10. OK Barrett, I give up. Why don’t share your extraordinary insight and intelligence with us yahoos and tell us what the bill is REALLY about?

  11. Dave it does not matter how you spin it, the ultimate result is this bill has taken away the rights of this state’s citizens from choosing who they wish to cast their votes for and put that control in to the hands of the other 49 states.

  12. “spin it?!?” What the bill is about is so obvious from the news account you refer to and your take on it is so clueless that I continue to refuse to explain it to you. I only bother arguing with you on issues where I think there is a chance that some readers out there (other than the scoundrel and qce for whom I have no hopes) might benefit and see the light. But this issue is so blindingly obvious — direct election of the president by popular vote — that I don’t believe that anyone else other than you two needs it explained to them and, like I said, I think you two are beyond hope.

  13. No Dave, the problem is, there is no way to dispute that what this bill does is take away the control of voting from the citizens of this state and transfers the control of our votes to others outside of this state. This bill removes this right of the citizens of this State to dissent when it comes to choosing a POTUS. Which is EXACTLY what I said in my post.

  14. No, scoundrel. You still don’t get it.

  15. No Dave, I understand what is going on. The accompanying articles I posted understood what is going on on. Some of their readers were excited, others were unhappy. It is you who is wearing the blinders and being so obstinate that you refuse to admit that this is an attempted end around the constitution. It is you –> who is pretending that this nothing more than an attempt to avoid a major majority political battle among the states. It is you that refuses to admit that the Illinois legislation has taken away the voters of Illinois’ right to dissent in choosing a POTUS. Because, that is exactly what they have done, they have stolen the voting power of Illinoisans and gave it away. If you really had some great wisdom to entertain us with you would have already. Instead you are just trying to blow smoke in everyones faces as the Illinois legislators have screwed over their citizens. So unless you have some special insight that refutes my point that it does not take away the right of Illinoisans to cast their electoral votes in doissent , which you have so far refused to reveal to myself and my visitors, I can only assume that this conversation is terminated.

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