Posted by: thescoundrel | January 22, 2008

Hell Did not Freeze Over – Endeavor to Persevere

Contrary to the buzz, Hell did not freeze over Monday. Yes I know the temperatures dropped to kneeknocking levels and the snowplows have blocked your driveways with a semi load of ice and snow. But it was just a heavy winter snowstorm. I also realize that the fear probably started at the sight of Governor Blagodabitch –> away from his Chicago Castle and wandering around this little fiefdom, which immediately causes one to fear that the seven seals of the apocalypse have been broken and the end of the world is nigh. But I assure you that it really is safe to venture away from the house as the world is still turning. I was awake the whole night and the seven trumpets were not sounded. The snow was just snow and Blagodabitch is just in town politicking and hooking up with his friends in the Rock Island Democratic Politburo while making himself look pretty for the cameras as he touts his political wonder.

Just like before his last election, Blagodabitch has an image problem that he needs to polish. So once again, armed with more artificial promises, he has returned to our wasteland and sullied the soles of his shoes. He has come to assure his poverty threatened peasants with hollow gifts to assure us – one day soon he will rescue this wasteland, by establishing a harvest of ambrosia and manna for his faithful. But first he must go slay the dragons, joust with evil knights seeking to depose him from his throne, rescue the fair maidens from robber barons and improve the moat around his castle, so he must take and hold our golden treasures for safekeeping to his castle in Chicago while he passes out more gravel for his serfs to make stone-soup with. His will smile and wave, then leave us with words of encouragement, then disappear off into the Sunset riding his taxpayer paid first-class jet steed back to the safety of his Chicago Castle until he needs to return and work on his image once again. Throw the Dogs a Bone and Endeavor to Persevere!



  1. S O B. And the voters will still vote these losers back into office!


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