Posted by: thescoundrel | January 30, 2008

Rudy Giuliani Lands Parting Shot on Ron Paul

Well! The Republican chase for the Primary has been lulling me to sleep lately. Other than the boring McCain-Romney accusations claiming each other is a liberal and not a true Reaganite 🙄 , the Republican race has become a snoozer of a huggy-hippie-love-fest compared to the Democrat race. It is almost like, despite spending millions of dollars to win, none of them really want to sound the triumphant horn of victory. Other than Ron Paul and the Paulites, there really has not been much juicy gossip currently coming from the Republican side of the power walk to the primary finish. But after realizing his scheme to pass on the early state primaries was doomed, good old Rudy Giuliani in his parting comments had to get in one last sucker punch. It was as good of a sneaky slap as is possible, when after he complemented all the rival candidates he slipped in his backhanded compliment to Ron Paul saying: “after all the debates he’d go back to his hotel room and watch television and how every time, according to the texted tallies, Ron Paul won all the debates”. It looks like Rudy got a little fired, up a lot too late. I guess in retrospect, though Ron Paul did not win any debate, he won a war of attrition by outlasting the former front-runner of the Republican race, Rudy Giuliani, for the POTUS gold. Thanks for one last sign of life and –> Sha Na Na Na Na, hey hey good bye, Rudy. Thanks for almost playing.


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